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UCCS College of Business Research Participation

This website contains links to research studies being conducted by UCCS faculty and students. All studies posted here have been approved by the UCCS IRB (Institutional Research Board). Participation in all research is completely VOLUNTARY and is open to adults over the age of 18. UCCS students who participate in studies are eligible for extra credit in certain UCCS College of Business classes as determined by the course instructor (see your course syllabus for the instructor policy on extra-credit). If you have any questions about participating in these studies, you may contact Dr. Jill Bradley-Geist (

Information about each study currently available is below.

Study 1: Study on Emotions and Learning

Researchers in the College of Business are conducting a study on emotions and learning. As a part of this study, you will be asked to complete 3 surveys online (total time: up to 2 hours, 10 minutes) and awarded a $25 Amazon gift card upon completion.

The surveys are completely anonymous and voluntary, meaning that your identity will not be connected to your survey answers and you can opt out at any time. To participate, you must be a at least 18 years old and have an upcoming course exam that is at least seven days away at time of enrollment. If you are interested in participating, please click on the link below to access a brief, preliminary questionnaire to get started. If you are eligible to participate, survey 1 will be emailed to you a week before your exam.


Questions? Please contact

The study has been reviewed and approved by the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity (IRB# 17-044)

Study 2:

Details of the Study: Volunteers will complete an online study in which they will be asked to rate societal attitudes about different people and groups in the workplace. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes. Participation is purely voluntary and volunteers can quit the survey at any time if they wish.

Who can Participate? Anyone who is over the age of 18 may participate in the study.

Receiving Extra-Credit: Participants may receive extra-credit in UCCS College of Business courses in which the instructor has selected to offer research participation extra-credit. In order to receive course credit you will be asked to follow a link at the end of the survey which will direct you to a separate form where you will submit your name, course title and time, and instructor name. Thus, your name will not be attached to the survey. Later in the semester, your name will be reported on a list of research participants to the instructor that you specify so that your instructor can award extra-credit. Please note that you may only list one instructor and one course for each study (that is, you cannot earn extra-credit for more than one class by participating in a single study). Also, please note that not all instructors offer extra-credit for research participation. Please verify your instructor's policies and practices related to extra-credit as stated in the course syllabus and/or written class communications (e.g., Blackboard announcements). If you do not wish to participate in this study but wish to receive course extra-credit, you may select from one of the other studies available on this website, or you may elect to complete an alternative assignment in which you read one of the empirical research articles listed on this website and submit a written review of the article using the link provided on this website: "Alternative to Research Participation: Empirical Article Review."