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Open Enrollment Programs

Open enrollment programs are professional development programs open to the public.  OPED's open enrollment programs are designed and offered based on an "industry-vertical strategy", meaning training programs are semi-customized in order to meet specific needs of a particular industry.  Listed below are the current industry verticals OPED is working with:

- Healthcare
- Defense / Aerospace / Government Contracting
- Financial / Banking
- Project Management / IT and Software
- Human Resources (coming soon) 

OPED uses the "Lean Startup" methodology to design and develop open enrollment programs.  Training programs are designed and offered based on requests and needs of professionals in a given industry.  Professionals and executives are involved early in the design and development process to provide feedback before the program is launched.  

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    UCCS Mini-MBASeptember 13, 2017

    The UCCS Mini-MBA offers professionals the opportunity to learn broad business concepts and skills in a relatively short timeframe -- perfect for gaining business essentials while balancing work and personal commitments. This non-degree 13-week program is for working or transitioning professionals who aspire to deliver more value to an organization by developing their business acumen and learning how to immediately apply gained knowledge and skills.

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    Capturing Federal Business and Pricing-To-Win - Colorado SpringsNovember 14, 2017

    OPED has partnered with respected industry leader Shipley Associates to offer this 4-day interactive professional development program in Colorado Springs, Colorado to teach professionals a proven capture process using tools and disciplines to develop winning strategies and implementation of those strategies through your capture teams.

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    Multi-Generational Professional Series Info Session & Kick-Off EventJanuary 18, 2018

    Attend this free Info Session & Kick-Off Event for the Multi-Generational Professional Seminar Series coming in 2018, a non-degree, 4-track seminar program on working with multiple generations, including employees and customers, with a focus on the Millennial generation. The event is free to attend.

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    Attracting, Motivating & Retaining a Millennial WorkforceFebruary 1, 2018

    This seminar series track explains the commonalities and differences between our newest, and soon to be biggest, workforce generation and the current workforce generations. Organizations have heavily invested time and money in Millennial employees, only to see them leave soon after.

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    Leading a Multi-Generational WorkforceMarch 8, 2018

    This 3-session track will examine the differences in what motivates different workplace generations and how to develop a basic plan to bring the workplace generations together. Sessions will explore a strategic approach to building a multi-generational workforce ready for long-range challenges.

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    Thriving as a Millennial in the WorkforceApril 5, 2018

    It can be challenging to survive and thrive in a workplace environment where you are one of the few in the Millennial generation. This two-session track is for employees and business leaders who are in the Millennial generation and may be underrepresented, or 'outnumbered' in their workplace.

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    Marketing to Millennial CustomersJune 7, 2018

    This 3-part seminar track covers strategies for not just marketing to Millennials, but building long-term relationships with them as customers. The focus is on developing trust, understanding loyalty, and meeting the unique needs of this critical market.