About OPED Executive Education

Many professionals and executives are looking to enhance their professional skills in order to stay relevant and advance within their career path.  OPED executive education and professional development will take you out of your everyday environment and immerse you in new ways of thinking, introduce new skills, and cultivate high-level learning opportunities in a short amount of time. Participants in OPED programs will be challenged to grow both as individuals and as professionals.  Business Professional

OPED is your partner in training and developing your team through open enrollment and custom programs.  Our project-based learning approach ensures that you will experience immediate and long-lasting return on your investment.  Attendees can be sure that they will gain practical, applied knowledge that translates to workplace results.  OPED faculty members are drawn from the UCCS College of Business, and from highly-regarded trainers around the nation.   

Our faculty members provide engaging and interactive learning through:

  • Real-world simulations
  • Business scenarios
  • Project-based adult learning
  • Case studies
  • Small group discussions
  • Customized training tools and materials
  • Presentations and project reports
  • Industry-specific