UCCS Ethics Essay Competition

Apply ethical decision making and writing skills to win $$$$ for a 1,000 words by competing in the annual Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS Ethics Essay Competition.

The annual ethics essay contest requires students to analyze the ethical issue of a business case and make recommendations using principle-based ethics.  A panel of community leaders and faculty serve as judges and select the final winners who clearly articulate their analysis and present viable recommendations. Past Judge's Feedback: I was impressed with the thoughts expressed and very optimistic for the future if these are our future employees.

2017-18  Competition Information

Eligibility: Any enrolled UCCS undergraduate or graduate student from any major or college.

Format: There is no registration required. An ethics scenario and essay instructions will be posted the day of the start of the competition. Students are encouraged to seek out members of the faculty and professional community for their experiences that relate to the ethics scenario. Essays will be checked for grammar and spelling and essays that do not meet standard will be removed from the competition. Essays are due at the time posted on the last day of the competition.

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2016-17 Ethics Essay Winners

  • First place undergraduate  - Blake McGuckin (Accounting) winning the $1,000 grand award.
  • Second place undergraduate -  Tessa Bronner (Bachelor of Innovation - Globalization) receiving a $500 award.·         
  • Undergraduate Honorable Mentions - Rachel Owens (Sports Management) and Ray Medina (Finance) each receiving a $250 award.      
  • First place graduate  -  Jessica Castillo Gallegos (Education) winning the $1,000 grand award.
  • Second place graduate -  Danielle Herrington (Counseling and Human Services) receiving a $500 award.

2015-16 Ethics Essay Winners

  • First Place - Benjamin Griffith  (Undergraduate) winning the $1,000 grand prize.
  • Second Place - Cole Ericson  (Undergraduate) receiving a $750 prize.

2014-15 Ethics Essay Winners

  • First Place - Amber Sterner (Undergraduate) winning the $1,000 grand prize.
  • Second Place - Boyd Baldry (Undergraduate) receiving a $250 prize.
  • Third Place - Nicole Renfrow (Undergraduate) receiving a $250 prize.
  • First Place - Danille Bobstick (Graduate) winning the $1,000 grand prize.

2013-14 Ethics Essay Winners

  • First Place -  Nate Burgess (Undergraduate) winning the $1,000 grand prize. 
  • Second Place - Samantha Bruner (Graduate) receiving a $500 prize.
  • Third Place -  Wynter Miller (Undergraduate) receiving a $250 prize

2012-13 Ethics Essay Winners

  • First Place - Laura Ander (Junior undergraduate) winning the $1000 grand prize. 
  • Second Place -  Jason Raak (Senior undergraduate) receiving a $750.
  • Third Place - Kylee Smit (Junior undergraduate) receiving a $500. 
  • Due the high level excellence 3 Honorable Mentions, a $100 prize to Frank Gahren (Senior undergraduate), Wesley Noble (Junior undergraduate), and Meral Sarper (Senior undergraduate).