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Ethics and Technology

July 6, 2016
What are the potential risks for ethical misconduct in the future? Explore the ethical risks in communication and technology innovation.

Innovations in communication and technology drive productivity, yet result in emerging ethical issues that are not immediately evident to managers. Technological innovations such the internet and mobile phones have become an essential part of the workplace, changed the tasks of the workforce, and created unanticipated ethical challenges.

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS has programmed events and sponsored research that look into the ethical issues brought about by advancements in technology and communications.
Ethics Fellows in this Focus Area

Carla Myers

Jugal Kalita

Peggy Beranek

Andrew D. Ketsdever

Julie Albertson

T. Martin Key

David Leupp

Events & Speakers

IT Ethics: Challenges and Concerns -- Lockheed  Martin's Perspective - October 2012

Jackie Brookshire, Lockheed Martin's Ethics Officer and Eric R. Smith, former US Air Force OSI Special Agent and CIRT Digital Investigations Manager for Lockheed Martin provide an understanding of what day-to-day operations are like in this high-tech corporate environment.

Cyber Ethics Event , April 2017 

Explore cyber ethics regarding user behavior, effects on civil society, business and government through workshops and general plenary session. Workshops led by industry experts and UCCS faculty on topics around Education, Health and Wellness, Individual Security, Protecting Citizens Data, and Personal Data.

Cyber Ethics Event Program