Joseph D. Wehrman, Ph.D.


Department Chair, Associate Professor with Tenure, Counseling and Human Services, College of Education

Department Chair, Associate Professor with Tenure, Counseling and Human Services, College of Education

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS Expert, Joseph D. Wehrman, PhD.2015-2016 Ethics Project

The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), under the Military's Agenda for Change recommendations, resurrected a program at UCCS, which combined DCHS counseling courses with Leadership courses recommended by USAFA. The intent of both DCHS and USAFA is to provide new commanders the skills, knowledge, abilities, and experiences necessary to address the many academic, ethical, psychological, and developmental issues cadets will experience. The principles taught in this program are applicable to all levels of command and will prepare commanders for the most challenging aspect of leadership at USAFA and in the operational Air Force. As part of this program, students take a course in professional ethics across a spectrum of skills ranging from teaching, leadership, counseling and coaching.

In the course Issues, Ethics and Trends in Professional Counseling (COUN5330), students participated in ethics round tables and processed ethical case scenarios within the mental health and coaching field. We used the eight core Daniels Fund Principles and then applied them to an ethical decision making model. The primary points of feedback were positive related to taking real world examples of ethical situations found in the human service and mental health fields and then processing these issues and taking personal stances. Many of the groups requested more opportunities to participate in these types of projects as it took them one or two experiences to feel comfortable taking personal stances with complex issues. As a combined project, graduate students from COUN5330 and undergraduate students from Issues, Values and Case Management (COUN3400) participated.

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