Scott Van Ness, ABD


Instructor of Operations Management, College of Business

Instructor of Operations Management, College of Business

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS Expert, Scott Van Ness, ABD

2015-2016 Ethics Project

Development of an Ethics Lab, this lab is similar to leadership labs seen in corporate world where young leaders are given leadership challenges in a lab setting. Ethical challenges are given to students and they are given the chance to work through them while being evaluated by an instructor and other students. Situations will be taken from real-world examples and will attempt to represent what a new leader in a work environment will face.

Related Work in:

Behavioral Ethics

Organizational Ethics


April 2016 DFEI  Faculty Roundtable Presentation:

Ethics Lab and Minor in Business Ethics for Non-Business Majors - Best practices and past experiences with ethics lab classroom implementation and plans for business ethics minor

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