Gordon Stringer, MBA


Senior Instructor of Finance and Information Systems, College of Business

Senior Instructor of Finance and Information Systems, College of Business

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS Expert, Gordon Stringer, MBA2012-2013 & 2013-2014 Ethics Projects

Developed materials to introduce Giving Voice to Values approach within a financial framework and discipline to include:

  • Financial ethics instruction.
  • Developing classroom materials concerning ethics within the financial decision making framework.
  • Created ethical classroom materials to address a practical and professional approach to ethics in finance for an Internet archive which included a finance course syllabus and an ethics in finance debate topics.

Developing materials to introduce Blind Spots approach within a financial framework.

  • Developing Blind Spots classroom exercises.
  • Developing Blind Spots with classroom debate within a case based structure.

Related Work in:

Ethics of Fraud

Contact: gstringe@uccs.edu


September 2015 Faculty Development Workshop:

"Teaching Ethics Across the Curriculum"  -  Based on his ethics subject matter expertise, Mr. Stringer presented to the faculty of Colorado Mountain College, Breckenridge Campus

November 2013 DFEI Faculty Roundtable Presentation:

The Cornucopia of Codes of Ethics - is it part of your diet?

October 2012 DFEI Faculty Roundtable Presentation:

Roundtable ethics discussion on:

  • Afraid of Teaching Ethics?
  • Financial Statement Fraud: A Frightening Trend
  • Ghoulish Governance

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