Spencer Harris


Assistant Professor, Sports Management, College of Business

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Ethics Fellow, Spencer HarrisIntegrating the DFEI ethical principles into the SPTM 4200 Critical Issues in Sport Management class to ensure that the students in the class understand the principles, are able to apply the principles to a broad range of ethical dilemmas within the world of sport governance (e.g. the contradictions of fair play and Olympism, doping in sport, corruption in ISFs, technological inequalities in performance sport, gender inequalities in governance structures, major challenges in youth sport development, sex testing in elite sport, violence in sport, child protection and safeguarding, etc.), and can model the principles to discuss possible strategies to minimize the incidence of such wicked problems in an international sport governance context (Rittel & Webber, 1973). Students will have the opportunity to engage with key business leaders in sport governance through guest lectures and a panel discussion of major ethical dilemmas in sport to include gender inequality, doping, and child protection and safeguarding in sport. Further details will be developed over the summer, 2017.  Integrate an assessment into the 4200 class whereby students are required to design, develop and evaluate a training module focused on sportsmanship and fair play. The intention is to ultimately deliver a workshop, using various tools and resources to support delivery (e.g. True Sport, Positive Coaching Alliance, etc.), to elementary or middle aged school children that reinforces the importance of fair play and sportsmanship, and clearly demonstrates the positive outcomes of such an approach for athletes, coaches, and parents

Contact: sharris2@uccs.edu