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College of Business

Scott Kupferman

August 9, 2017
Assistant Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, Co-Coordinator of Special Education Program

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS, Scott KupfermanEthical use of technology should begin in K-12 classrooms.  For example, before students are given access to iPads or laptops, they need to understand (a) proper "netiquette", (b) student safety and privacy, (c) unauthorized access at school, and (d) objectionable materials showing up at school.  Ensuring student understanding of this content is the ultimate responsibility of classroom teachers.

Within my faculty role in the College of Education, I teach future classroom teachers.  Specifically, all general and special education teachers are required to complete my CURR 4170/5170 - Introduction to Technology in Education course.  As a DFEI fellow, I will incorporate DFEI ethics principles throughout this course.  Approximately 30 undergraduate and graduate students enroll each semester.  Thus, a total of 60 students will be reached via my DFEI fellowship efforts during the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters. 

Contact: skupferm@uccs.edu