Regina Winters, MPA


Senior Instructor, School of Public Affairs

Senior Instructor, School of Public Affairs

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS Expert, Regina Winters, MPA2016-17 Ethics Project

Students enrolled in the nonprofit management certificate area will work with me in a service learning experience that will contribute the development of nonprofit ethics awareness in the state of Colorado and beyond. Under my guidance, as a practitioner and faculty member, students will develop a decision-making framework for nonprofit boards of directors of various sizes that helps board members incorporate and deal with the challenges of social return on investment based data.  Students will then facilitate their ethics training based upon this framework for local nonprofit boards of directors.

The development and resulting decision-making framework aligns with Bill Daniels' ideal that ethics instruction be tied to principles rather than focus only on legal aspects of leadership.  At the end of the experience, training materials will be made available to interested nonprofit community members as well as through distribution channels offered through the Daniels Fund. In addition, I will write a pedagogical case study to help other University communities replicate our service learning experience.

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UCCS College of Business' Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative held an Ethics Roundtable Workshop, featuring expert panelists: - Jill Bradley-Geist, PhD, UCCS College of Business, Presentation was on "Diversity and Inclusion: Beyond Compliance" - Regina Winters, MPA, UCCS School of Public Affairs, Presentation was on "Evaluation Ethics for Nonprofit Boards" Visit for more information: UCCS School of Public Affairs: UCCS College of Business Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative:

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