Jeffrey Ferguson, Ph.D.


Professor of Service Management and Marketing, College of Business

Professor of Service Management and Marketing, College of Business

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS Expert, Jeffrey Ferguson, PhD2013-2014 Ethics Project

Dr. Ferguson created a student discussion guide for an original direct-consumer case used in the graduate Marketing Strategy (MKTG6000) course. The discussion guide facilitated student thinking and engagement with the case. The overall assessment of the case was positive and students found the ethical decision making framework to be valuable. MBA students received this ethics education.

Services Management and Marketing (MKTG4400) course includes several ethics modules. 1) a presentation on ethical issues in marketing and ethical decision-making, 2) three Ethics Unwrapped videos with discussion questions, 3) a GVV reading and exercise  -- Enablers for Voicing Values, and 4) integration of ethical decision making into the final term project.

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