Katy Cathcart, MCJ


Instructor, Criminal Justice, School of Public Affairs

Instructor, Criminal Justice, School of Public Affairs

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at UCCS Expert, Katy Cathcart, MCJ

2013-2014 & 2014-2015 Ethics Projects

Criminal Justice instructor Cathcart developed and delivered two workshops on the topic of ethical dilemmas faced by law enforcement personnel and the strategies for resolution. Curriculum materials included handouts, video scenario presentation, role-playing exercise, and presentation by police and corrections personnel. The curriculum emphasized students' awareness and professional readiness to prepare for success in the efficient management and resolution of ethical issues that may occur in their careers. Developed the Policing and Corrections student workshops held on the UCCS campus.

Related Work in:

Behavioral Ethics

Contact: kcathcar@uccs.edu

October 2014 DFEI Faculty Roundtable Presentation:

Ethical Challenges in Criminal Justice at the Supermax prison - Professional ethical issues with guest presenter Gene Atherton, former Director of Prisons for the Western Region in Colorado

December 2013 DFEI Faculty Roundtable Presentation:

Boundaries Violations Research - Ethical issues with guest speaker Susan Jones, Ph.D., former Warden of Colorado State Penitentiary

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