UCCS Center for Entrepreneurship

The Center for Entrepreneurship features a minor in entrepreneurship.  The minor consists of nine credit hours for College of Business majors and 15 credit hours for non-Business majors.  All students must take the following three courses for the minor in entrepreneurship:

  • ENTP 3000:  Principles of Entrepreneurship: This course focuses on the teaching students principles of successful entrepreneurship that have been derived from research into the behaviors, cognitions, and attitudes of expert entrepreneurs.
  • ENTP:  3100:  Entrepreneurial Law & Capital: This course builds on the ENTP 3000 and dives deeply into the legal and capital formation issues that all entrepreneurs grapple with as they launch, grow, and exit their ventures.
  • ENTP:  4000:  The Business Plan: This hands-on course leads students through the process of crafting an investor-grade business plan and formal presentation to raise capital.  Students will have many opportunities to hone their presentation skills and learn how to deal with lenders and/or investors.

Non-business majors must take two additional courses from the business core curriculum.  A list of those courses can be found by clicking here.