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Student Info

Student Information

What's in it for me?

  1. A professional mentor who works in the industry in which you're interested.
  2. Invaluable insights into today's job market including tips on networking, interviewing, writing your resume, making ethical decisions, and building your online identity.
  3. Networking business cards personalized with your information.
  4. Professional photograph of you to use for your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn.
  5. Tours of local companies to understand more about corporate culture.
  6. Dining and networking etiquette training (dinner included!).
  7. Opportunity to interact with and learn from other students and their Career Coaches.
  8. This is a tremendous opportunity to gain confidence and skills that will help you succeed in your chosen field post-graduation!
What is a Career Coach?
What does the program entail?
Am I qualified?



For more information on the program, please contact Katie Burns of the College of Business at 719-255-3113 or


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