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Career Coaching Program

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Watch the video below to find out more about this mentorship program for business students.

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To provide alumni an opportunity through a structured program to impart their skills and experiences to UCCS College of Business junior or senior students in order to prepare them to enter the workforce as confident, competent, and ethical professionals.

Topics Covered
The following are professional topics covered either in full or in part throughout the program:

Networking Skills    Dining Etiquette    Giving/Receiving Feedback
LinkedIn Profile    Selecting a Career Path    Communication Etiquette
Interview Skills (Skype)    Follow-up Skills    Real Industry Knowledge
Elevator Speech    Ethical Decision Making    Résumé Writing


Program Structure
The program will occur between Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters for a total of eight months (September through April). Career Coaches and students will be matched based on industry of interest. 

Dates to know: 

  • Friday, September 14 - Student Applications Due (EXTENDED)
  • Friday, September 21 - Acceptance and Matches Announced 
  • Friday, September 28, 8:30-10:00am - Kick-Off Breakfast - All coaches and students accepted into the program welcome (Invite Only)

The full 2018/2019 Career Coaching Program itinerary is currently being developed but may include:

  • Area Business Tours: Explore local businesses in various industries here in our own community. Discuss day-to-day life with people who are currently working in your field or industry of interest. Examples include: Cherwell Software, Discover Goodwill, Epicentral Coworking, Ford Credit, Colorado Springs Utilities, and more. 
  • Etiquette Dinner: In your career, you will certainly be faced with situations where you will need to navigate the dining table. Learn how to do it like a pro at this five-course gourmet dinner! 
  • Personal Reflection and Development: Discover more about your true self and personality through a seminar facilitated by one of our faculty members. 

Over the eight months of the program, we will have eight different group events to which all students and Career Coaches are invited. In addition to the monthly events, students and Career Coaches will also meet one-on-one at a mutually convenient time and place each month. The total time commitment is about 4 hours per month.

Program Support
Individuals and companies can sponsor a student at $500; however, you can support the program at any amount. To contribute, please send your gift to the CU Foundation via an online transaction or mailed check. Be sure to designate your gift to the "UCCS COB Alumni Program Fund." Donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity!
Donation Website:

Our alumni, who are professionally successful across many industries, can offer information and insights to help "bridge the gap" between the classroom and workplace. Therefore, the Career Coaching Program has been designed to equip current junior and senior students with the help of an alumnus or professional community member (Career Coach). The Career Coach's role is to inspire, inform, guide, encourage, and support his or her student during this transitional period with help from our structured program material. The goal is for the Career Coaches and students to form reciprocal, trusting, and fruitful relationships in order to share industry information, personal experiences, and networking tips that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Overall, the Career Coaching Program will offer an opportunity for professional development, networking, and an exchange of ideas between experienced professionals and students in the UCCS College of Business, the next generation of leaders.

For more information on the program, please contact Samantha Wood of the College of Business Alumni Relations Office at 719-255-5174 or


A comprehensive Guidebook containing seven chapters, each focused on a particular professional topic such as resume writing, networking skills, interview techniques, etc. has been created specifically for this program and is given to each Career Coach and student at the beginning of the program. The mentorship pairs are to use the guides as a foundation for conversation and a jumping off point for deeper research and practice into professional skills such as interviewing, networking, and resume writing.
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This program is brought to you by College of Business Alumni!

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