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UCCS College of Business Alumni Association



The UCCS College of Business Alumni Association provides a valuable, lifelong connection for our alumni, students, and the business community.  

Dean Reddy and Alumni


Nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs, community leaders, and business professionals have received a bachelor's or master's degree from the UCCS College of Business, and we are here to help them continue their path of success!  Whether you were a "traditional" student or one who worked, raised a family, and attended classes all at the same time, your college experience was a significant part of your life's journey. The College of Business Alumni Association exists to help continue the value of lifelong learning and building and maintaining relationships with faculty and fellow alumni.

Our organization has three primary stakeholders:
1.  All of our amazing alumni (of course!)
2.  Current College of Business students (future alumni!), and
3.  The local business community.  

Because each of these stakeholders is integral to our success and ability to make a positive impact, we've formed initiatives around each one. 


We could not accomplish what we do without the help of our loyal cadre of volunteers. If you are looking for a way to give back to your college, know that we always welcome new team members! Please contact the respective committee chair if you are interested in getting involved.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is comprised of each committee chair(s) along with a few at large members. 

Chair: Norman Morse


Alumni Outreach Committee

Main Initiative: BANG! (Business Alumni Networking Group) - a NEW networking event series designed for alumni to connect with one another and hear from a faculty member, who will give a 10-minute "mini talk" as part of the program. These events occur monthly, around town, and alumni, students, staff, faculty, and community members are invited. 

Chair: Courtney Sparks and Nicola Roark 


Student Outreach Committee

Main Initiative: Career Coaching Program - The purpose of this NEW initiative is to provide alumni an opportunity to mentor current junior and senior students in business etiquette and professional skills. Career Coaches meet with their students, who are paired with them according to industry of interest, once a month from September through April. Additionally, the entire group attends offsite field trips that take them into the inner workings of several local businesses. The program crescendos with a professional dining etiquette dinner. 

Chairs: Norman Morse and Liz Killen-Scott

Alumni Leadership Team Members

Business Community Outreach Committee

Main Initiative: SHOWCASE - Once a year, this committee hosts a "showcase" event during which they feature a department or program within the College of Business so that the great business community can become aware and potentially benefit. A past example includes a reception for HR managers and executive leadership featuring our Office of Professional and Executive Development (OPED) that creates customized training programs for local industries.

Chairs: Garrett Gregg and Joan Schulz