Frequently Asked Questions

IBS International Business Seminars 

The prices will vary depending on the length of the trip, the cities visited, and the city of your original departure. The biggest factor in the IBS trip price is the value of the U.S. Dollar versus the Euro and the British Pound. Currently, as part of our agreement with IBS, we do not publish pricing information on this website. For pricing information, please email the Program Coordinator (Dr. Andrew Czaplewski) directly (  Please be sure to indicate which seminar(s) you are interested in.

Included in the Price of the Seminars:

  • Fully escorted by qualified university professors
  • Seminar program as detailed in the itinerary
  • First class Twin bedded (shared) hotel accommodations with private facilities
  • Buffet breakfast daily
  • City to city transportation overseas
  • Subway/metro passes as needed
  • Sightseeing and excursions as outlined in the Seminar program
  • Academic Readings Book to help prepare for Seminar visits
  • Travel and accident insurance (note that this is not "travel cancellation" insurance)
  • Luggage tags and one 50 pound max weight checked luggage (for ground transport)

Not Included in the Price of the Seminars:

  • International airfare from United States (see note below)
  • Tuition for university credit at your school (students must register and pay UCCS tuition separate from the IBS trip costs)
  • Passport and visa fees (if necessary) - Visa required for China (note: if you are an international student, you are responsible for any required visas)
  • Required immunization (if necessary)
  • Overweight baggage charges by Airlines
  • Most lunches and dinners
  • Free time activities and optional excursions
  • Public transportation overseas unless part of the formal Seminar program
  • Expenses incurred in the replacement of passport or other lost items
  • Medical expenses arising from illness, including, but not limited to, transportation to rejoin the Seminar

Note on airfare costs: IBS has elected to price the seminar trip without airfare. There are a few reasons for this. First, as dozens of universities in the U.S. participate in the IBS program, pricing airfare from every major city is difficult. Also, airfare costs depend on when a student enrolls. A student enrolling early will usually be able to get somewhat lower airfare prices. And, some students are able to use their own or someone else's frequent flyer miles or "buddy pass".  

All this said, IBS does have certified travel agents on staff who almost invariably find as good or better airfare prices than what students can find on the internet.  In addition, IBS has a 24 travel hotline in case of a flight delay or cancellation, and they actively monitor every student flight.  Finally, by booking air travel through IBS, they provide airport pickup and drop off in the country of arrival and departure.

Details about the course requirements are included in the course syllabi tab. Briefly, a portion of your grade is determined by what you do on the seminar (e.g., leadership, short presentation on your assigned company, participation during the seminar presentations, general citizenship, etc.). The other portion is determined by the quality of the paper you write after the seminar. Details about the content of this paper are in the syllabus. Students are given 60 days following the last day of the seminar to complete and submit the term paper.

If you have already taken all of your business electives, or for whatever reason do not need INTB4610/11 or INTB6990/91 to graduate, it is possible to take the seminars on a no-credit basis. Contact the UCCS Program Coordinator about this option. Your requirements on the Seminars would be the same as someone taking the course for credit (e.g., attendance for all seminar visits), except you would not have to write the paper. 

If you are an undergraduate student and will have already graduated by the time you have the opportunity to go on a seminar trip, you may be able to take INTB6990/91 to earn graduate MBA credits.  Essentially, you would apply for the UCCS Graduate Business Certificate Program (no GMAT or GRE entrance exam would be required).  Later, you could use these credits toward an MBA at UCCS, or transfer these graduate credits to another MBA program (subject to their transfer credit rules).  The UCCS MBA program is AACSB accredited, so likelihood of transfer is typically very good. 

Many students choose to travel in Europe or China before and/or after the seminar. IBS can arrange for you to fly into any destination city before the seminars begin, or out of any departure city after the seminars are over.

Note that if you wish to fly into or out of a city other than the city planned on for the seminar, you would have to pay the difference (if any) in the airfare. Of course, you would also be responsible for your own ground transportation and hotel costs for the days outside of the seminar dates.

The MBA Focused Seminars tend to be shorter (and more intense) to accommodate the busy working schedules of MBA students. In general, MBA's are cautioned about attending non-MBA-Focused trips. However, if an MBA student has the time and wishes to attend a longer undergraduate seminar, please consult your IBS Program Coordinator to discuss the matter in more detail.

Because many undergraduate students may also have busy working schedules, the shorter, MBA focused seminars may be appealing for some. For this reason, occasionally an undergraduate student may be able to attend an MBA Focused seminar. This may be allowed provided that the undergraduate student is in the latter part of their degree program and are mature enough to understand the seminar content. If you are an undergraduate student wishing to attend an MBA Focused seminar, contact the UCCS Program Coordinator to discuss this possibility.

Generally yes.  If space is available, spouses or other friends or family may be able to accompany students on a seminar trip. There is a slightly discounted price for an accompanying member.  Guests would not have to go to any of the seminar visits (although they may be welcome to do so depending on space - ask your seminar faculty leader)), nor would they have to write a paper of course.

If you are thinking of having a guest accompany you on a seminar trip, please let the UCCS Program Coordinator and IBS know as soon as possible as they would need to make the proper arrangements.

Please see the Enroll Tab of this website.  Although IBS may list a registration deadline for each seminar, the real deadline for registration is when the seminar is full or when arranging logistics is no longer feasible.  This can happen (indeed often does happen) very early. Therefore, if you are serious about attending a seminar, you should pay the deposit as soon as possible to hold your place.

ALSO - Make sure you pay the full amount of the seminar by the deadline set by IBS - otherwise you may lose your place to someone on their waiting list.

Please see the Contact tab of this website.