Internships & Career Opportunities

Sport Management Internships and Careers

The UCCS College of Business incorporates outstanding Sports Management internships to help students gain practical experience that parallels academic study and fosters strong working relationships within the local and international sports communities. 

Internship Opportunities

A wide variety of sports management internships are established with local Olympic, soccer, professional, recreational and collegiate sports organizations in the areas of Event Management, Operations, Marketing & Sponsorship, Media Relations, Sales and Program Management.  These sports-related internships are highly coveted, and are arranged exclusively for students officially enrolled in the UCCS Sport Management program.  A number of international internships are also available to the UCCS Sport Management program and are very competitive - suitable for high performing sport management students who demonstrate strong academic standing and character.  UCCS Sport Management students are encouraged to attend luncheons and other local events that are offered exclusively to the Sport Management program by the local professional community.   These unique invitations assist Sports Management students in networking with the local sports community and in establishing contacts in the industry and additional internship opportunities. 



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