UCCS Sport Management Program Hosts Everton CEO, Robert Elstone

Everton FC CEO Robert Elstone speaking to UCCS Sport Management students

Robert Elstone, the Chief Executive of Everton Football Club (F.C.), recently visited UCCS, spending two days on campus to meet with sport management students.

He shared tips and advice regarding career development, provided insight into the trends in professional soccer and the English Premier League (E.P.L.), and delivered a keynote address to over 100 Sport Management students and local community members.

Robert talked at length about his work at Everton F.C., giving an inside view into the role of the professional sports CEO touching on issues such as managing the relationships that underpin major sponsorship deals and the man-management skills needed to negotiate contracts with professional soccer players. He spoke about the economic impact of the EPL and provided a range of data regarding its global expansion. He also spent time answering questions regarding the club's transfer policies, the differences between football/soccer development in England and the U.S., and the management of the club's 121-year-old stadium, which has hosted more top-class games than any other in England.

Professor Eric Olson, Director of the Sport Management program at UCCS, reflected on the visit, stating that "our ability to bring speakers of Mr. Elstone's caliber to our campus is testament to the quality of our Sport Management program. It demonstrates the strength of our relationship with top international sports clubs as well as our commitment to providing our students with unique educational opportunities". This was reinforced by Cole Dougherty, a sophomore in the Sport Management program: "I was so impressed not only by Robert's professionalism, but also his authenticity and honesty in providing myself and the rest of the UCCS Sport Management program with an exclusive look into the world of sport business. I think it speaks to the prestigious nature of our Sport Management program to be able to attract such a prominent figure as Robert, and meeting him was truly a privilege."

The Sport Management program will continue to develop its relationship with Everton F.C., with more students going to the club in 2014 as part of their final year internship. Relationships such as these are critical for the Sport Management program as they bring it to life, with classes focused on the needs of industry and students given the opportunity to gain highly valuable experience. We work closely with a range of local partners such as the USOC, the 25 National Governing Bodies of Sport based in Colorado Springs as well as a range of professional sports clubs in the U.S. and U.K. These relationships provide a wonderful opportunity for students, not only to learn more about sport management from the people who work in sport management, but also to apply and develop new skills in a range of practical settings.

For more information about our partnership work with external organizations or the Sport Management program, please contact Ian Ratz at 719.255.4318 or email iratz@uccs.edu.