Interning with Everton Football Club

UCCS Sport Management student, Cole Dougherty, is currently interning for Everton FC.

Cole Dougherty
UCCS Sport Management student, Cole Dougherty, talks about his internship abroad with Everton Football Club

Now currently twelve weeks into my internship with Everton Football Club, working for one of the biggest clubs in the world's largest football league has never felt more meaningful. The staff, the environment, and the overall experience has exceeded expectations, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Where has the time gone!

My first weeks here at Everton FC were spent with multiple departments, giving me a wide range of perspectives on their roles within the business structure. From Everton in the Community, to Corporate Sales, to Hospitality, to Marketing, I've seen and experienced a wide range of interdependent departments within the Everton organization. The staff has been so welcoming; from the moment I arrived, I felt like a member of the team.

Of course, I couldn't explain my experience at Everton FC without acknowledging the obvious perks... football games! There is nothing quite like the Premier League, and Goodison Park is renowned for being one of the most prized arenas in the league. I've had the pleasure to see some of the world's best players in person the past few months thanks to this opportunity with Everton.

This was an experience of a lifetime! I am thankful to both Everton Football Club and Sport Management for this incredible opportunity.

Watch for more of Cole's experiences with Everton, coming soon...