Handicap Verification Form

Applicants are admitted to the PGA Golf Management Program only if they are also admitted to the University, so first complete your admissions application for UCCS and afterwords submit your handicap verification form. A handicap of 12 or less is required (prospective PGA Golf Management students with a current handicap greater than 12 are encouraged to contact program Director, Adam Scott, for information on admissibility).

The UCCS application can be accessed online by clicking here. The handicap verification form is below.

Applicants are required to include verification of their playing ability by providing either a) GHIN Handicap Card # or b) filling out and submitting a PGA Golf Management Handicap Verification form, which will need to be signed by a coach or Class A PGA Member.

Thank you very much for your interest in our program. Please contact us if you have any questions during the application process.

This is your 7 digit GHIN#, not your actual handicap index.
I have passed the PGA Playing Ability Test