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*** Change in Online Course Offerings and Rates ***

Beginning in Fall 2016, Extended Studies will no longer offer course sections (“500” sections) that are offered as online sections (“OL”) on the main campus.  Students registering for the OL main campus sections will be charged a tuition rate commensurate with their Tuition Residency which is determined by the Registrar in accordance with state law and regent policy.  Students who are classified as non-residents who enroll in a fully online degree or certificate program will be eligible for the non-resident online program tuition structure set at 130% of the Colorado resident rate (or 125% of the Colorado resident rate for students in nursing or health science programs).

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  • College Opportunity Fund (COF) - The College Opportunity Fund has already begun, and it affects most undergraduate students who are Colorado-residents. If you need more info about COF and the application for the COF stipend, go to the College Opportunity Fund (COF) FAQ Website.
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