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Billing Overview for Past Due Accounts

All prior semester past due student accounts will be referred to the Student Debt Management (SDM) department for collection. You have a limited opportunity to establish a payment arrangement with SDM before your account is placed with a third-party collection agency, per Colorado law.

Until your debt is paid-in-full, a financial stop will remain on your record, preventing access to registration, transcripts, or re-admittance. Service charges will continue to accrue at a rate of 1% (of the unpaid balance) per month.


When your account becomes past due, the following penalties may apply:

  • There will be a financial stop on your record preventing access to registration, transcripts, drop/add, diploma, and/or re-admittance. This stop will not be removed until your past due balance is paid-in-full regardless if you have arranged a payment plan.

  • A late-payment charge, in addition to a monthly service charge ( 1% per month on the unpaid balance), is assessed according to the following table:

Unpaid Balance Due Late Charge
$ 99.99 or less $ 5
$ 100 - 299.99 $ 10
$ 300 - 499.99 $ 20
$ 500 - 699.99 $ 30
$ 700 - 899.99 $ 40
$ 900 and over $ 50
  • If your account is referred to a third-party collection agency, you will be responsible to pay any collection costs, court fees, attorney fees, and other fees allowed by the Uniform Consumer Credit Code.

  • Your debt will be reported to national credit bureaus.

  • Your income tax refund may be used to pay your delinquent balance through a tax offset.

  • You may be subject for wage garnishment if legal judgment is granted against you.

For questions regarding your account, you may contact SDM. You may be referred to other departments for your specific questions or concerns such as:

Tuition & Mandatory Fees Appeal from Drop/Withdrawal Refunds & Late Registration, Admissions and Records, 719-255-3361

You will need to make a formal appeal to the Office of Admissions and Records. The appeals are considered under extenuating circumstances. You will need to contact Admissions and Record to request for the appeal forms at 719-255-3361. You may need to officially withdraw from your classes and contact the department of your major to retroactively withdraw from a prior semester. Official documentation must be provided to substantiate claims for extenuating circumstances. Appeal deadlines will also need to be met. Submitting a request for an appeal does not exempt your account from late and service charges or financial holds. For Drop/Withdrawal Policy, refer to the Schedule of Courses, www.uccs.edu/cic. If you disagree with tuition and fee charges and fail to avail yourself of the appeal process by the appeal deadline, you waive your right to appeal.

Financial Aid, 719-255-3460

Contact the Office of Financial Aid for further information regarding financial aid reversal due to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and withdrawal process and for questions about loans and grants. For FAQs refer to //www.uccs.edu/finaid/policies.html

Tuition (3rd Party) Assistance or Ch. 33, 719-255-3391

For FAQs refer to //www.uccs.edu/bursar/tuition-assistance--3rd-party.html

Bookstore, 719-255-3247 (rental book charges)

Family Development Center (FDC), 719-255-3483

Kraemer Family Library, 719-255-3286 (library fines and lost book charges)

Parking and Transportation Services,719-255-3528 (parking fines)

Residence Life and Housing, 719-255-4042

Student Health Center, 719-255-4444

To avoid placement with a collection agency, you must establish a monthly payment arrangement with SDM. To activate a payment plan, we require that you sign a Promissory Note and make the initial payment. The Promissory Note indicates the terms of the repayment agreement and the amount of your monthly payment. Your total amount due will determine the amount of your monthly payment unless the amount causes undue hardship. In this case, we will determine the monthly amount due based on the submission to our office your completed Financial Statement stating your current finances and financial obligation with official supporting documentation. If the requirement is not fulfilled, the repayment agreement will become null and void.

If you have any questions, or would like assistance in initiating a repayment agreement, please call SDM at (719) 255-3391, at 1-800-990-UCCS (8227), or contact us online today! We want to work with you on your debt to UCCS!