Textbook Special Accounts

UCCS SFS - 3rd Party Sponsor Billing- Textbook Special Accounts


Third Party Special Accounts are set up prior to visiting the bookstore to purchase your books. This should be seamless to third party sponsored students. Please check with your 3rd party sponsor to make sure that your name has been submitted to 3rd Party Sponsor Billing for Special Accounts with the bookstore.

Special Accounts does operate on structured opening and closing dates. This is for accounting and invoicing purposes. Special Accounts opens for 3rd party book purchases approximately two weeks before the first day of classes begins each semester and closes seven weeks after classes begin. Special Accounts for VA VOC Rehab. Chapter 31 and KANE Scholarships generally open a week earlier. Summer semester open and close dates are abbreviated. Special Accounts open and close dates are published each term.

Sometimes we will need to close out your account before the published closing date due to terms determined by your 3rd party sponsor as to when they when they need the invoice for your bookstore purchases.


Step 1:

The first step is for you or your third party sponsor to send your authorization for book purchases to the Office of 3rd Party Sponsor Billing. We will then confirm enrollment and guidelines that your 3rd Party sponsor has specified for purchases, then authorize the bookstore to set up a special account for you to purchase your items. Your special account at the bookstore will be authorized within one to two business days. You may submit your third party authorization by any of the 3 ways listed below:

By email:


By fax:


By mail:

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Office of 3rd Party Sponsor Billing
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs CO 80918

Step 2:

Once you have submitted your third party authorization and allow one to two business days for a special account to be set up in your name, you may visit the UCCS Bookstore at your convenience, select your books and proceed to the cashier.

Important Changes

Beginning Spring 2017 semester, you will be required to present your class schedule and syllabus each time you purchase any items through Special Accounts.

Your third party provider requires that we confirm the textbooks you are purchasing are required for the classes in which you are enrolled. Therefore, each time you make a purchase using your funds, you are required to provide physical evidence of enrollment in a class and the required book list for that class. You must provide:

  1. BOTH your class schedule from the student portal
  2. AND a book list showing the required books for your classes:
    • either your syllabus
    • or a printout of the required books from the UCCS Bookstore website (www.uccsbookstore.com). A screen-print is sufficient.

These two documents also serve a dual purpose, as you need to them to locate your textbooks on the sales floor. The bookstore cashier will then retain both of the above documents and attach it to the bookstore’s copy of the receipt for auditing purposes.

Additional Information

The associates at the bookstore are trained to process 3rd party book purchases. Just let them know that you are on Special Accounts and (very important!) give them your Student ID Number. They will process your book purchases within the guidelines given by your third party sponsor.

If you have any questions concerning your purchase through 3rd party billing, you may contact Bonnie Bates at 719-255-3399, or if you need any assistance with your Special Accounts in order to purchase books, you may ask for Paul Deniston or call him at 719-255-4665.