FAQs for Students

UCCS SFS - 3rd Party Sponsor Billing- FAQs for Students

  1. Direct Tuition Assistance

    If you are being directly reimbursed by your Third Party, you will be required to either establish a payment plan or pay the semester balance in full by the defined payment deadlines.  Failure to do so can result in late fines and charges.  3rd Party Sponsor Billing is only involved in arrangements in which the 3rd party is paying the University directly for authorized amounts.  If the University is to receive payment directly from the 3rd party, please see the below instructions.  If you are being reimbursed directly by the employer, please see the payment policies and deadlines.

  2. The College Opportunity Fund (COF)

    The College Opportunity Fund (COF) went into effect fall 2005.  The COF program (sometimes called vouchers or stipends) provides tuition vouchers to resident undergraduate students who apply for the program and authorize application of the credits to their accounts.  For the academic year beginning Fall 2019, the voucher award rate is $94 per credit hour for eligible classes.

    Unless the sponsor indicates otherwise, the university will assume that all tuition-based awards are meant to be used as tuition less the COF, if the student is eligible, without regard to whether the sponsored student has applied for the COF program and/or approved application of the credits to his/her account.

  3. What is a 3rd Party Sponsor?

    A 3rd party sponsor is a person or group not related to you who makes a commitment to pay your educational expenses when billed by the university (us).  Payments are called 3rd party scholarships, and are subject to the same federal reporting requirements as other financial aid.

  4. What do I need to know about 3rd party sponsorships?
    • Find out what your sponsor's requirements are.
    • Find out what the sponsor commits to pay.
    • You are responsible for paying your portion of the bill by the due date; otherwise we will assess late and service charges on your account.
    • We bill the sponsor for sponsored expenses on your behalf.
  5. How does a sponsorship work?

    The sponsor provides a letter of authorization at the beginning of each semester.  We then credit your account conditionally for the expected amount, and late and service charges will not accrue for that amount.  At the close of the add/drop period, we bill your sponsor on your behalf. 

    • If the sponsor does not pay your bill, we remove the conditional credit from your account and we bill you.  Your account may be subject to late fines and service charges until the bill is paid. An unpaid bill will cause the inability to obtain transcripts or register for future terms, etc.  Unpaid sponsor commitments are usually charged back to student accounts 90 days from the date the invoice is sent or the latest of the second month of the following semester.

  6. What is a letter of authorization?

    It is a document in which a sponsor commits to pay designated educational expenses for you.  The letter from the sponsor specifies what they will pay, the period of coverage, and billing information.  Sponsors usually send the letter to us directly, but some sponsors send the letter to the student.  If the letter is sent to you, complete any required information and submit online with your Sponsor Billing Request form before the due date to avoid late and service charges.  We will "conditionally" credit your account as long as we receive a letter of authorization by the first due date. The balance owed is subject to late and service charges while it is outstanding.

  7. I am on Active Duty.  Do I need to submit my Military Certification Form along with a copy of my military ID to Admission and Records every semester?

    Yes.  Admissions and Records will verify that you are eligible for (in-state) resident tuition rates every semester.

  8. I looked at my bill and my sponsor's commitment isn't there.  What do I do?

    Login to your myUCCS portal, then select the Students Tab.  Click on Student Financials (Bursar) > View Your Balance.  If you do not see your sponsor's commitment on your bill, it means we have not received a letter of authorization, or you may have not yet met your sponsor's requirements.  If you think an oversight has occurred, contact the 3rd Party Sponsor Billing Office at 719-255-3399Call: 719-255-3399 before your bill's due date.

  9. Why are late and service charges on my bill?
    • Your sponsor's letter of authorization was not submitted by the due date.
    • You did not pay your portion of the bill by the due date.
  10. What happens if my sponsor doesn't pay?

    You are legally responsible to pay the full cost of your educational expenses if the sponsor does not pay.  The conditional credit on your student account will be removed and the balance will be due within 30 days from the date the conditional credit is removed.

  11. Do you send grades or transcripts to my sponsor?

    The relationship between the sponsors and the University involves billing and payment matters only.  You are responsible for providing all other information required by your sponsor.  At times, letters of authorization contain information and requests that are not relevant to billing.  We do not follow up on that information.

  12. How do my privacy rights relate to my sponsorship?

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) allows universities to disclose student records or identifiable information without the student's consent to persons or organizations providing financial aid (e.g., sponsorships) to the student.

  13. What if I have more questions?

    Call the 3rd Party Sponsor Billing Office at 719-255-3399Call: 719-255-3399 E-mail the 3rd Party Sponsor Billing Office at tuitasst@uccs.edu

  14. Who can help my sponsor with questions?

    Many answers may be found at the Frequently Asked Questions for Sponsors.