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What is COF?

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For full details about COF, please visit the COF website at

The College Opportunity Fund (COF), created by the Colorado Legislature, provides a stipend to eligible undergraduate students. The stipend pays a portion of your total in-state tuition when you attend a participating college.

Eligible undergraduate students must apply, be admitted and enroll in classes at a participating college to receive this benefit. Both new and continuing students are eligible for the stipend. Qualifying students may use the stipend for eligible undergraduate classes. The stipend is paid on a per credit hour basis directly to the college at which the student is enrolled. The credit-hour amount is set annually by the General Assembly.

Applying For and Authorizing COF

A credit will be applied to your student financial account if you apply for the College Opportunity FundĀ and authorize UCCS to use your COF. Until about two weeks before the semester ends, you can apply for and authorize COF online. NOTE: Classes added after Census date are not eligible for COF.

How to apply online:

  • Go to the College Opportunity Fund website at
  • Apply for the COF stipend.
  • Wait 3-5 days; then go to the myUCCS Student Portal to authorize (see below).

How to authorize online:

  • Go to myUCCS Portal, then do the following:
    • Click on Student Financials (Bursar) and select Authorize COF.
    • Click on the link Update Authorization.
    • Select one of the three options for Lifetime Authorization, Term Authorization, or Refused Authorization. If you select Lifetime Authorization, this will remain on record, and you will not be required to update authorization in the future.
    • Click Submit.

Any Questions:

Call UCCS Student Financial Services at 719-255-3391 or email

For more information about COF, visit