General Fees

UCCS SFS - Tuition & Fees - Fall 2019 - General Fees


Matriculation and Student ID fees are one time only for all students. All other fees are mandatory and apply to undergraduates (except those in the online completion program). For detailed descriptions of these fees, click on Tuition & Fee Descriptions.

Matriculation Fee $25.00 one-time
Student ID Card Fee $15.00 one-time
Orientation Fee $100.00 one-time
Safety and Transportation Fee $94.00  
Learning Technology Fee $6.00 per credit hour
Student Event / Performance Fee $2.50
≤ 6 credit hours
> 6 credit hours
Wellness Center Fee $60.00  
Student Information System $2.00 per credit hour
University Center Bond Fee $33.00
per credit hour
Campus Recreation Center Bond Fee $160.00  
Student Activities Fee $14.00  
Student Recreation Fee $1.00 per credit hour
Athletics Fee $9.20 per credit hour
Family Development Center Operating Fee $3.00  
Family Development Center Bond Fee $10.00  
Green Action Fund Fee $5.00  
Media Fee $0.53 per credit hour