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UCCS SFS - Billing - FAQs

Main Campus FAQs
  1. When will I receive a bill?  Where can I see my balance ?

    DO NOT WAIT FOR A PAPER BILL.  Your itemized bill and balance due must be accessed through the myUCCS Portal.  Access the "Finances" area in the myUCCS Portal to view your itemized statement and balance, enroll in a deferred payment plan, and make payments.

  2. When is my payment due?

    Please go to the Payment Policies and Deadlines page to view the deadlines and due dates for the various payment options.

  3. What if I register for classes after the first due date?

    Extended registration for the semester runs through the Census date (see the Calendar page for dates).  After Census, students will be required to pay in-full (use the Bill Estimator if needed) before you will be allowed to register for courses.

  4. I am receiving Financial Aid.  How does billing work for me?

    If you are planning on using Financial Aid to pay your bill, and you do not expect to receive your aid before the due date (Census date or final add/drop date), you will need to enroll in a payment plan to avoid late fees.  Any amount not covered by Financial Aid will be due by the due date for that semester, or by the payment plan due dates if you enroll in a payment plan.

  5. What is the College Opportunity Fund (COF)?  Am I eligible for COF?

    Please visit the COF website at to read about COF and determine if you are eligible.  Most undergraduate Colorado residents are eligible for COF.  Courses added after census date are not eligible for COF.

  6. I have already applied for COF.  Why hasn't it applied toward my balance?

    In addition to applying for COF, you must also authorize your COF funds every semester by going to the myUCCS Portal and clicking on Student Financials (Bursar) > COF Authorization / Review > Update Authorization > Choose Authorization.

  7. I thought I only owed tuition for this semester.  Why am I being charged fees?

    Tuition is only a portion of your total bill.  For undergraduates, mandatory fees also apply every semester.  Click here to see a list of tuition and mandatory student fees.  Other fees may also apply such as course fees, room & board, fines, etc.

  8. How does billing work for Extended Studies Courses ?

    Extended Studies courses are billed differently than main-campus courses.  You can find the answers to your questions by visiting our Online and Academic Outreach billing page.