Mission & Bylaws

Mission Statement & Bylaws

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Section 1 – The name of this organization shall be the Beth-El Student Nurses’ Association (BSNA) a constituency of the Colorado Student Nurses’ Association (CSNA) and the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA).


Section 1 – Purpose

A. To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care.

B. To provide programs representative of fundamental current professional interests and concern to nursing students.

C. To aid in the development of the whole person, his/her professional role, and his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life.

D. To enhance the positive image of nursing in the media, community, and among all health care professionals.

Section 2 – Function

A. To have direct input into standards of nursing education and influence the educational process.

B. To influence health care, nursing education and practice through legislative activities as appropriate.

C. To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities towards improved health care and the resolution of related social issues.

D. To represent the positive image of nursing to the consumer, institutions, the media, and other organizations.

E. To promote and encourage students’ participation in interdisciplinary activities.

F. To promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities and educational opportunities regardless of a person’s race, color, creed, sex, lifestyle, national origin, age, or economic status.

G. To facilitate communication among nursing students and community representatives.

H. To promote and encourage collaborative relationships with nursing and health care organizations.

I. To promote unity and professionalism among nursing students.


Section 1 – School Constituents

A. School constituent membership is composed of active and associate members who are current members of the NSNA and the CSNA.

B. The association shall be composed of at least ten members of the Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences. There shall be only one chapter on this school campus.

C. For yearly recognition as a constituent, an officer of the association shall submit annually the Official Application for NSNA Constituency Status which shall include the following areas of conformity: purpose and function, membership, dues, and representation.

D. A constituent association which fails to comply with the bylaws and policies of the NSN shall have its status revoked by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors of the NSNA, provided that written notice of the proposed revocation has been given at least two months prior to the vote and the constituent association is given an opportunity to be heard.

E. The association is an entity separate and apart from the NSNA and its administration of daily or regular activities, the NSNA and the CSNA exercising no supervision or control over these immediate daily and regular activities. The NSNA and CSNA have no liability for any loss, damages, or injuries sustained by third parties as a result of negligence or acts of the BSNA or members thereof. In the event that any legal proceeding is brought against the NSNA or the CSNA as a result of such acts of omission or commission by the BSNA, the BSNA will indemnify and hold harmless the NSNA and the CSNA from any liability.

Section 2 – Categories of Constituent Membership

A. Active Members

1. Students enrolled in state approved programs leading to licensure as a registered nurse.

2. Registered nurses enrolled in programs leading to a Baccalaureate degree with a major in nursing.

B. Associate Members

1. Students with interest in health care enrolled in college or university programs designed for preparation for entrance into a program leading to an associate degree, diploma, or Baccalaureate degree in nursing.

2. Associate members shall have all privileges of membership except the right to hold office as President or Vice President at the BSNA, state, and national levels in accordance with the NSNA bylaws.

C. Active and associate membership shall be renewable annually if student status is maintained.

D. Sustaining membership for the Advisor and the Consultant-at-Large shall be renewable.

Section 3 – Public Representation of BSNA Members

A. In order to professionally represent BSNA, it is imperative that appropriate language be used in public situations, i.e., no vulgar language.

B. The use of any substance (lawful or unlawful) resulting in inappropriate behavior or language will not be tolerated.

C. Identification badges are to be removed when away from official functions.

D. Public voicing of dissatisfaction with BSNA or its members shows lack or respect and professionalism for the organization. Any dissatisfaction is to be represented to the individual involved, an Executive Board member, and/or the Advisor or Consultant-at-Large.

E. A decision of resolution and action will be made by the Executive Board.

F. Decisions of resolution may be appealed to the full Board for reconsideration.


Section 1 – Offices

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Director, Student-to-Staff Liaison, Newsletter Editor, Web Page Director, Community health Director, Image of Nursing Director, Membership Director, and Level Representatives.

A. The President

1. Shall develop an agenda and preside at all meetings of this association, be a cosigner on the BSNA checking account, appoint special committees as needed, perform all other duties pertaining to the office and represent this association in all matters to the local State Nurses’ Association, the local League for Nursing, CSNA, NSNA, and other professional student organizations.

2. Shall be the chairperson for and a member of the Executive Board.

3. Is an ex-officio member of all committees.

B. The Vice President

1. Shall assume the duties of the President in the absence or disability of that officer.

2. Shall accede to the office of president in the case of a vacancy in the office.

3. Shall assist the President as delegated and act as an advisor to the President.

4. Shall attend activities and Health Science Club meetings, when possible.

5. Shall be accountable to the membership for notification pending student activities.

6. Shall chair the program committee.

7. Shall serve as a member of the Executive Board.

8. Shall perform all duties assigned by the President.

C. The Secretary

1. Shall record and distribute the minutes following meetings of the association. The meetings of the membership, Board of Directors, and the Executive Board will be distributed to the Board of Directors, Advisor(s)-at-Large, and one (1) copy of the amended minutes to the bulletin board.

2. Shall post notification at least one week prior of the association meetings on the student nursing bulletin board. This includes notifying the Advisor(s) and the Consultant(s)-at-Large of the association meetings.

3. Shall be responsible for typing any bylaw revisions to be presented at the annual election meeting.

4. Shall keep on file as permanent record, all reports, papers, and documents submitted to the Secretary.

5. Provide to duly appointed committees and the necessary records for completion of business.

6. Shall forward to the CSNA, minutes of membership meetings as well as, the names and addresses of all officers and committee chairpersons after their election of appointment.

7. Deliver to the newly elected Secretary, all records.

8. Shall serve as a member of the Executive Board.

9. Perform all duties assigned by the President.

10. Chair the Merit Committee and keep an updated list of merit points earned by association members.

D. The Treasurer

1. Submit financial reports in writing to the association membership as directed by the President including, an annual financial report submitted at the installation of officers meeting.

2. Prepare financial reports submitted at the regular monthly meeting.

3. Will be a cosigner on the BSNA checking account, reconcile bank statements monthly, provide a quarterly report to the membership, and file quarterly Sales Tax returns in a timely manner.

4. Remit payment for debts approved by the membership or the Board of Directors.

5. Arrange for an association audit quarterly.

6. Deliver to the newly elected Treasurer, all financial records of the association.

7. Shall serve as a member of the Executive Board.

8. Perform all duties assigned by the President.

E. The Fundraising Director

1. Shall plan and oversee fundraising activities for the association.

2. Chair the fundraising committee.

3. Perform all duties assigned by the President.

4. Maintain adequate inventory of clipboards.

5. Order clipboard in a timely manner for NSNA and CSNA events so there is an adequate supply for the fundraising table.

6. Maintain an updated list of customers.

7. Take telephone orders from customers for clipboard orders and fill orders in a timely manner.

8. Oversee or appoint an association member to oversee inventory and sales of clipboards at fundraising events including, NSNA and CSN events.

9. Notify the Treasurer of any past due invoices and oversee the collection procedures of past due invoices.

10. Provide a copy of all BSNA clipboard invoices to the Treasurer on a weekly basis, as ordered or filled.

11. Chair the clipboard committee

F. Student-to-Staff Liaison

1. Attend at least one staff meeting per month to act as a representative of the student body.

2. Report the discussions of the staff meetings at each BSNA meeting.

3. Take ideas and concerns from the students to the staff during meetings.

G. The Newsletter Editor

1. Produce and distribute “The Beat” for the association for minimal publication at least quarterly.

2. Submit articles to “Vital Signs” as appropriate according to publication deadline.

3. Submit articles to “Imprint” as appropriate according to deadlines.

4. Submit write-up of association activities to the UCCS newspaper “The Scribe” and other publications as appropriate.

5. Keep bulletin board up-to-date.

6. Shall maintain a sign-up sheet to have each Board position submit one (1) article to the BSNA newsletter as assigned by the Newsletter Editor.

H. Web Page Director

1. Assumes the duties of the Newsletter Editor in the absence or disability of that officer.

2. Compile information about nursing, health care, and any other pertinent subject to students and submit it to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the BSNA newsletter, “The Beat.”

3. Search for advertisers for the BSNA newsletter, “The Beat.”

4. Perform all duties assigned by the President.

I. The Community Health Director

1. Develop and implement a community health project in alignment with the CSNA and/or NSNA when possible.

2. Inform the membership of pertinent community health issues, resources, and needs.

3. Chair the Community Health Committee.

4. Perform all duties assigned by the President.

J. The Membership Director

1. Develop and implement membership drive activities on a regular basis.

2. Organize and supervise the membership drive table on open house/orientation days at Beth-El/UCCS.

3. Chair a membership committee to visit all undergraduate nursing classes at the beginning of each semester in order to promote BSNA membership.

4. Maintain a current list of members.

5. Serve as the NSNA Project In Touch person for BSNA. All prizes awarded by NSNA will be given to the BSNA Executive Board, who will determine how to disperse them.

6. Organize and oversee the BSNA annual election.

7. Perform all duties assigned by the President.

K. The Image of Nursing Director

1. Enhance the positive image of nursing to the consumers, the university, the community, institutions, the media, and health care professionals.

2. Perform all duties assigned by the President.

L. The Level Representatives

1. Act as a resource person and communication link between their class level and the association.

2. Shall serve as members of the membership committee.

3. Shall perform all duties assigned by the President.

Section 2 – Duties of Officers

A. All officers must familiarize themselves with the Robert’s Rules of Order in order to perform duties.

B. All officers are expected to attend meetings of the association. Absence from two (2) consecutive board meetings without prior notice and approval of the President, shall constitute resignation from the office and the Board of Directors shall be required to declare the office vacant and actively seek a qualified replacement.

C. The Board of Directors if responsible for properly appropriating funds to finance the business of the association.

D. All members shall submit one (1) article to the BSNA newsletter, “The Beat”, as assigned by the Newsletter Editor.

E. All officers shall submit a written yearly summary to the President a minimum of two weeks prior to the installation of officers meeting.

F. If a member of the Board of Directors fails to fulfill his/her responsibilities as defined by the bylaws and in policies of the NSNA, the Board of Directors shall have the option of removing that Board member from the office. The action will require ¾ vote of the Board of Directors. An appeal case will be considered by the Board of Directors via conference call or Board meeting within two weeks of the receipt of the appeal. The appealing officer shall be reinstated by a ¾ vote of the Board of Directors.

G. Following annual elections, the new officers shall actively seek to fill any vacant office positions. Any member who wishes to fill a vacant office position must notify the executive board, and that member must be approved for office by a ¾ yes vote of the executive board.


Section 1 – BSNA Account

BSNA fundraising and clipboard restricted account will be maintained as a functioning account, separate from UCCS for purposes set forth by the BSNA Board.

1. Operations of account.

a. An officer of the Board of Directors may incur debt up to $25.00 for the organization, within ordinary operations of their office.

b. In order to incur debt exceeding $100.00, each officer must secure a purchase order signed by three Executive Board members, one of which may be the officer incurring the debt.

c. Between Board meetings, three Executive Board members can approve an expense up to and including $100.00.

d. Postage and/or telephone calls incurred as a result of the marketing of the Clipboard project will be an exception to the article.

e. Publication fees for “The Beat” shall be an exception to the article.

f. When expenses are incurred which a Board member may want to donate to the organization, receipts must be turned in to the Treasurer and signed as a donation. This will facilitate accurate accounting of the operating budget for that office.

g. A petty cash fund in the amount of $75.00 shall be maintained by the fundraising officer for purposes of shipping clipboards and reimburses upon submission of receipts to the Treasurer.

2. Request for BSNA funds for unaffiliated Activity Subsidy.

a. BSNA members may request funds from BSNA to assist in financial needs of attending an event/function.

b. A proposal in writing stating funds requested, student’s objective for attending event, purpose of event, and total cost of attending must be submitted 60 days prior to the need for funds.

c. A written notice will be posted to inform members at large of the involved event. If general members wish to apply, they must submit a proposal within ten days of the posting.

d. Funds will be granted on a case-by-case basis depending on the availability of funds and approval of the Board.

e. If funds are provided, information and a written report of the event will be submitted to BSNA within two meetings. Recognition that funds were provided by BSNA will also be made.

f. Funds can be granted to a BSNA member only one time per academic year.


Section 1 – All meetings of the association shall be open to the membership at large unless voted by the Board of Directors of the Executive Board as a closed meeting. The President may also declare a closed meeting at any time.

· All meeting of the association shall be conducted according to parliamentary law as set forth in the “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised” where the rules apply and are not in conflict with these bylaws.

Section 2 – Membership Meetings

A. Meeting dates, location and time shall be set forth by a majority vote of the members present.

B. The President shall have the authority to convene a special meeting of the Executive Board, Board of Directors, or the membership at large at such time as is deemed necessary and shall notify the general membership of the meeting, location and time.

C. A quorum of the Board of Directors is required at meetings of the membership to conduct business. A quorum shall consist of ½ of the Board of Directors.

Section 3 – Minutes

A. Minutes are a permanent record of the association and are available to the public.

B. Minutes are typed and distributed to the Board of Directors, the Advisor(s), and the Consultant(s)-at-Large at the next regularly scheduled meeting. These minutes will include interim transaction of the Executive Board.


Section 1 – Elections of Officers

A. Elections shall follow the state election but precede the annual NSNA Convention. Appropriate notification shall be given to the membership at large prior to election.

B. Candidates nominated for a position must attend the annual election meeting and present a speech of no more than two minutes or submit a written presentation to the President to be presented.

C. All candidates nominated must be current NSNA members at the time of election and must remain members during their term of office.

D. To facilitate smooth transition following elections, a 90 day period of mentorship shall occur. The newly elected board shall be considered Board-elect positions and the current board will remain in place until the 90 day period has expired. The following tasks should be completed during the mentorship period: orientation of BSNA organizational structure and bylaws, familiarization of basic Robert’s Rules of Order, education of the responsibilities and duties specific to the Board position, relinquishment of all records to the incoming Board member, provision of an orientation packet to include a copy of BSNA bylaws, “8 Steps to Making a Motion”, and NSNA “Getting the Pieces to Fit”.

E. All elections shall be by secret ballot. Each member voting shall receive one ballot after membership has been verified.

F. Members shall not vote by absentee ballot.

G. A plurality vote of the members entitled to vote and voting shall constitute an official election. Election will be rescheduled in the event that the voting body is less than 15 members present.

H. Vacancies of any office, except the President, shall be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors.


Section 1 – Appointments

A. Committee chair appointments shall be made by the President and shall be deemed standing committees unless otherwise stated at the time of the appointment.

B. Committee members shall be appointed by the President based on each members’ qualification.

Section 2 – Responsibility

All committees shall be responsible to the Board of Directors and the membership for reporting committee activities at scheduled meetings of the association. A written report from the committee chair is to be submitted to the President before the next scheduled Board meeting.


Section 1 – Definition

The Executive Board shall consist of the President, First Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one (1) non-voting advisor.

Section 2 – Duties and Responsibilities

The Executive Board shall be responsible for transacting business of the association between scheduled meetings and shall report such transactions at the next meeting of the membership.


“The Beat” shall be the official publication of the BSNA.


Section 1 – Purpose and Function

A. Attend the House of Delegates and all meetings pertaining to the House of Delegates.

B. Serve as a spokesperson for this association at the annual national convention.

C. Vote on resolutions brought to the NSNA. House of Delegates and vote for the NSNA Board of Directors.

D. Present to the local organization all resolutions, amendments, bylaw, and policy changes voted on at the national convention.

Section 2 – Delegate Representation

A. The association delegate(s) and their alternates shall be elected from the membership of the Beth-El Student Nurses’ Association.

B. Funding for the convention expenses (as available) shall be allotted to the delegates and their alternates, pre-slated national Board candidates, and then to active members-at-large.

C. All delegates, alternates, and other members being financed by the BSNA to attend the NSNA Mid-year Conference or the Annual Convention will sign and uphold the BSNA Convention/Conference contract.


A. Amendments to the bylaws will be made annually, in time for NSNA to receive any changes prior to the deadline date.

B. Amendments to the bylaws will be passed by a simple majority of those present and voting within 30 days of the annual election meeting.

C. Amendments to the bylaws will be made provided that appropriate notice has been given to the general membership that bylaws revisions will be voted on within 30 days of the annual election meeting.


Section 1 – Role

The role of the Advisor and the Consultants-at-Large is to serve as resource people and consultants to the Board of Directors, members, faculty, and other associations as appropriate and to assist in the conduction of association business.

Section 2 – Selection

A. The Advisor shall be elected annually at the first meeting of the new Board of Directors and shall be a current faculty member of the school of nursing.

B. The Consultants-At-Large shall be elected annually at the first meeting of the new Board of Directors and shall be knowledgeable in the operations of the association.

C. The Advisor and the consultants-At-Large must be current members or sustaining members of the NSNA.

D. Opportunity to attend the events of the NSNA and the CSNA shall be offered to the Advisor and/or Consultants-At-Large and ½ of the expenses incurred for two of the aforementioned people to attend such events shall be paid by the association if funds are available.

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