Layout and Design

The following general guidelines apply to all UCCS visual communications (print, digital, online, outdoor, apparel, display, etc.)

  1. Brand. All visual communications should reinforce the UCCS brand.
  2. Visual identification. ALL visual communications must include 1) a UCCS logo and a CU System logo, and 2) the official UCCS colors. The easiest way to accomplish this is by reserving the bottom of the material for the brand logo elements.
  3. Sub-identity. Use a headline or text to indicate the school, program or department doing the communicating.
  4. Layout. Clean, uncluttered and vibrant, with clear information hierarchy.
  5. Content. Make headlines and body copy engaging, succinct and easy to digest.
  6. Photography. Use visuals that reinforce content and messaging. Single, powerful images are stronger than multiples or collages.
  7. Call to action. Clearly state the action you wish the viewer to take.