Color chart

UCCS communication should use brand colors to identify them as coming from our university. The majority (90%) of all colors used on all communications should be the primary brand colors.

Additional secondary colors should be complimentary and used sparingly.

The official UCCS colors are black and gold. Together, these colors are the foundation for all marketing materials. When people see black and gold they should immediately think UCCS.

Black (Pantone Black)

c0 m0 y0 k100
r0 g0 b0
CU Gold (Pantone 4525C)

c0 m10 y48 k22
r207 g184 b124
Dark Gray (Pantone 425C)

c38 m28 y21 k63
r86 g90 b92
Light Gray (Pantone 422C)

c16 m11 y11 k29
r162 g164 b163
White (Pantone White)

c0 m0 y0 k0
r255 g255 b255