Art Downloads

Looking for downloads? You're in the right place. Download the logo, letterhead, presentation templates, and even submit artwork requests. If you have any questions or comments, you can ask a question or send feedback to University Advancement.

High Resolution UCCS Logo

The UCCS logo can be downloaded in several commonly used file types and treatments. High Res Logo Downloads »

UCCS Logo for Email Signatures

UCCS logo for email signatures
This small GIF file of the UCCS logo is perfect for email signatures.

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Marketing Campaign Assets

Looking for digital assets from the UCCS fuels SUCCESS marketing campaign? You're in the right place.
Download Marketing Assets »


Business collateral, including business cards, letterhead, and envelopes can be ordered from the UCCS Copy Center. Electronic letterhead is also available. Letterhead Downloads »

Presentation Templates

Powerpoint™ templates are available to make your presentations UCCS-branded and professional. Presentation Templates »


The UCCS Photo Database is a searchable collection of high-quality downloadable photography for university-related projects. »

Artwork Requests

If you need logo artwork in a particular file type or treatment, or need logo signature extension artwork for your college, school, or department, please submit an artwork request.
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50th Anniversary (deprecated)

UCCS logo for email signatures

50th Anniversary »