We offer Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Master of Science (M.Sc.) degrees.

Undergraduate Biology students at UCCS choose from two tracks: Our Biology Degree Program, or our Biology Degree with a BioMedical Sciences option. The Biology Degree program is designed for students seeking a broad understanding of biologically related processes. Students choose from a set of diverse electives spanning the breadth of biological disciplines, including courses in physiology, genetics, cell and molecular biology, plant physiology, ecology, and evolution. This degree prepares students for entry into graduate programs, and careers in biotechnology, research, policy, education, and human health-related professions. The Biomedical Sciences Option is designed specifically for students seeking a curriculum with emphasis on the biology of human health, performance and disease. In this option, students choose from an extensive set of electives, including human anatomy, physiology, epidemiology, immunology, biomechanics, and nutrition. This option prepares students for health-related professions and related graduate programs.

In conjunction with the UCCS College of Education, students can specialize in K-12 biology education. //www.uccs.edu/uccsteach/ 

The Department of Biology offers a program leading to the degree of Master of Sciences (MSc) with options in Molecular & Cellular Biology, Exercise Science, and Ecology & Evolution. Graduate students pursue coursework in biology and one other science discipline (e.g., physics, chemistry, mathematics), providing students with a diverse curriculum and an understanding of how various science disciplines relate to each other.

This interdisciplinary program offers students a broad science education with few restrictive requirements compared to traditional graduate science programs. It allows for development of a plan based on individual needs. www.uccs.edu/biology/future-students/graduate-program