Master of Science Strength & Conditioning


The mission of the Master of Science Strength & Conditioning program is to enhance the education of highly qualified strength & conditioning professionals through an interprofessional curriculum integrated with opportunities to excel in research, advanced professional skills, and leadership development; ultimately translating experiences into their respective professions and future employment opportunities.

The Master of Science Strength & Conditioning degree offers the opportunity for the individual seeking applied skills in strength and conditioning to develop an interprofessional approach to athlete development. Opportunities for hands-on experiences are available at many premier sites in the community. The curriculum enhances fundamental concepts through advanced strength and conditioning courses while also including complementary subjects such as sports nutrition and sports rehabilitation. Our goals are to: equip students with a diverse and advanced knowledge base in the field of strength and conditioning; instill confidence in student's practical skills; and develop professionals who can interpret and apply research in their practice.

*Students admitted prior to Fall 2018 will matriculate with the requirements and degree name of MSc Sports Medicine: Strength & Conditioning.

Course Requirements (37 hours)
HSCI 5010 Statistics & Research Methods
HSCI 5210 Applied Research in Strength & Conditioning
HSCI 5040 Strength & Conditioning for the Tactical Athlete
HSCI XXXX Capstone (Comprehensive Exams, Graduate Research Project, or Thesis)
HSCI 6120 Health Science Leadership
HSCI 6600 Health Behavior and Therapeutic Exercise
HSCI 6700 Advanced Exercise Science
HSCI 6160 Dietary Supplements
HSCI 6240 Advanced Concepts in Strength & Conditioning
HSCI 6250 Strength and Conditioning Practicum (1 credit course, repeated each semester)
HSCI XXXX Electives (1-3 courses depending on Capstone)

Suggested Electives
HSCI 5050 Obesity and Weight Management
HSCI 5060 Sport Nutrition
HSCI 5350 Advanced Functional Human Anatomy
HSCI 5600 Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury
HSCI 6140 Food, Culture, Community and Health
HSCI 5490 Exercise Considerations for Special Populations

Advising Contact
Helen and Arthur E. Johnson
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
- Associate Professor-Strength and Conditioning
- Coordinator for Athletic Performance
- NSCA Board of Directors- Secretary-Treasurer 2017-2019

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