What Does a Sport Nutritionist Do?

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What Does a Sport Nutritionist Do? 


A sport nutritionist does many things.  One main job responsibility of a sport nutritionist is to help athletes reach their performance and weight goals during preparation, competition and recovery.  Dietary advice is customized to an athlete's sport, performance and training needs/goals, meal time before, during and after training, as well as their specific body type.  Balancing the right foods, in the right amounts, including fluids and on occasion dietary supplements helps a person optimize their performance.

The job of a sport nutritionist doesn't stop at counseling.  Educating on fueling correctly to large groups of athletes/sporting teams, their coaches and other staff, and sometimes even junior athlete's parents, are all parts of a day's job for a sport nutritionist.  The education and counseling continues when the sport nutritionist travels with their athletes across the country, or even across continents.  They may be working directly with food service, or even be the point of contact "chef" who is purchasing and preparing snacks and meals in hotel rooms for their athletes.  For these reasons, being well-versed in a variety of foods that may be specific to various national and international cuisines is where our students shine as they can adapt and be creative preparing various healthy yet tasty meals.

An Interview with Dr. Jackie Berning — Dr. Berning is the Chair of the Health Sciences Department. She also happens to be a published author and sport dietitian and sought-after speaker to many professional sports teams.

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