Tuition Assistance & Associated Costs

Tuition Assistance & Associated Costs

In additional to the costs of a regular graduate student and application costs, there are costs directly associated with the MS in Athletic Training program. These costs are estimated, and subject to change from year to year.

Requirement Frequency Cost
Criminal background check (thru TClogiQ) Annual $30 (additional checks/costs may be required by off campus clinical sites)
Drug testing (thru TClogiQ) Annual $28
CPR/AED for the Health Care Professional 1st year Varies, ~$100
Immunizations 1st year Varies
Tuberculosis testing Annual $20
Health insurance Annual Varies
Physical examination 1st year Varies
Clinical education apparel Annual ~100
Travel to/from clinical education sites Annual Varies based on site and transportation type
NATA student membership or ATrack subscription Annual $80 (NATA) or $120 (ATrack)
BOC examination End of 2nd year $310-$380 (depending on NATA membership)
Professional conferences (optional) Varies Varies
  • Criminal Background Check: Students in the MSAT program are required to complete annual background checks in accordance with department policy.
  • Drug Testing: Students in the MSAT program are required to complete annual background checks in accordance with department policy.
  • CPR/AED for the Health Care Professional or Basic Life Support (BLS): Certification must be obtained prior to the start of MSAT courses. Renewal must be made prior to expiration. Can be issued through the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.
  • Immunizations: Verification of immunization is required, and any updates necessary are required prior to the start of the program. Some clinical education sites may have additional requirements beyond the program minimum. Please refer to Immunization and Health tab of the MSAT program website for further information.
  • Tuberculosis Testing: Students must have tuberculosis screening annually in accordance with program policy. Please refer to Immunization and Health tab of the MSAT program website for further information.
  • Health Insurance: Students are required to provide evidence of adequate health insurance to cover long-term and emergency treatment or to be prepared to pay for services not covered. Please contact Student Health and Wellness Center for insurance information if necessary.
  • Physical Examination: Students must provide a signed physical exam form after completion of physical exam by health care provider (MD, DO, PA, NP) of the applicant’s choice. The exam needs to attest to the applicant’s ability to meet the technical standards for the program. The MSAT form will be provided upon admission to the program.
  • Clinical Education Clothing: Students will be required to wear specified clothing during their clinical education rotations, including collared shirts, chinos, and inclement weather gear. Students will be required to purchase two MSAT Program shirts. All students must have a watch with “seconds” on it.
  • Travel Expenses: Students assume the responsibility for transportation to and from clinical education sites. The distance and volume of travel varies with each site. Students will never transport patients in their own car, in accordance with program policy.
  • NATA Student Membership: Students are encouraged to join their professional organization. Student membership does provide a discount for the BOC examination and free access to ATrack.
    • Students who do not join the NATA will be required to subscribe to ATrack for program tracking.
  • Board of Certification Examination: This expense will be incurred in/following the semester of graduation and is required in order to practice athletic training in most states. A discounted exam fee is available for NATA student members.
  • Professional Conferences: Students will have the opportunity to attend professional conferences to learn and network with professionals in the field. Attendance at conferences is encouraged, especially in the 2nd year, but is optional for the student.

Tuition Assistance

  • Students are encouraged to submit their FAFSA to UCCS as early as possible
  • The UCCS Scholarship Applications open Dec 1 and closes March 1 each year, students must be admitted to UCCS before they can apply.
  • Financial Aid Phone Number: (719) 255-3460
  • Financial Aid Website
  • General scholarship information maybe found on the Financial Aid website.
    • Out-of-State Scholarship:  The UCCS Graduate School awards high caliber incoming graduate students through the Out-of-State Scholarship.  MSAT Program faculty will make decisions for any awards provided to the MSAT program.  Two-year degree seeking students who meet the criteria set forth by the graduate school are considered for the award (concurrent degree students are not eligible for this award). Award(s) will be made to the highest ranked qualified out-of-state student(s), based on the admissions selection criteria.  Should there be a tie in ranking among applicants, the MSAT Program Director, Clinical Coordinator, and one other MSAT faculty member will vote on which of the tied applicants will receive the award(s).


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