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The Master of Science in Athletic Training is a 52 credit program. Students in the concurrent degree program can earn up to 10 credits of dual credit that count towards both the bachelor's and master's degrees, essentially making their master's degree 42 credits.


MSAT Course List
Master's of Science in Athletic Training Requirements
42 hours + 10 dual credits concurrent degree route


52 credits two-year degree route
ATRN 5050 Basic Athletic Training Skills 1
ATRN 5000 Foundations of Athletic Training II 4
ATRN 5011 Injury Diagnosis and Management I (Lower Extremity) 4
ATRN 5012 Injury Diagnosis and Management II (Torso and Head) 4
ATRN 5013 Injury Diagnosis and Management III (Upper Extremity) 4
ATRN 5015 Manual Therapy I 1
ATRN 6015 Manual Therapy II 1
ATRN 6010 Pharmacology & General Medical Conditions 3
ATRN 5051 Athletic Training Laboratory I 1
ATRN 5052 Athletic Training Laboratory II 1
ATRN 6053 Athletic Training Laboratory III 1
ATRN 6054 Athletic Training Laboratory IV 1
ATRN 5061 Athletic Training Clinical Education I 2
ATRN 5062 Athletic Training Clinical Education II 3
ATRN 6063 Athletic Training Clinical Education III 4
ATRN 6064 Athletic Training Clinical Education IV 4
HSCI 5490 Exercise Considerations for Special Populations^ 3
HSCI 6120 Leadership & Administration in Health Science^ 3
HSCI 5010 Research & Statistical Design^ (as UG general elective)^ 4
ATRN 6090 Graduate Research Project 3

^ Dual credit eligible course for UCCS students

Course Sequence

  • Concurrent Degree Applicants, please see Athletic Training Prep Advising Guide.
    • It is recommended that Athletic Training Prep majors work closely with their undergraduate advisor and with the Athletic Training Program Director to make sure you they on track for bachelor's degree completion and MSAT application.
  • Two-year Degree Students

Retention Requirements
Students enrolled in the MSAT must:
Achieve a B- or better in all graduate level MSAT required courses
Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
Continued demonstration of meeting the Technical Standards
Adherence to program policy


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