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There are two routes towards admissions to the MSAT program.

  1. Concurrent BS/MSAT Degree: The concurrent degree program is the route through which a current UCCS undergraduate student (without a Bachelor's degree) may seek 5-year program completion of both the BS in Health Care Science and the MSAT.
  2. Two-year Master's degree: The two-year degree is the route through which a student may apply to the MSAT program after completion of a Bachelor's degree and required pre-requisites (or in the final semester of completion of their Bachelor's degree program required pre-requisites).

NOTE: The MSAT is a controlled admissions program, meaning we have a set number of students who may be admitted each year. Acceptance into the MSAT is, therefore, not guaranteed. Students who are unsuccessful in gaining admission may choose to reapply at a later date.

Admissions Deadline
Priority Application deadline is January 20th. Applicants meeting this deadline with a complete application will be given priority consideration for admission.

Secondary Application deadline is May 30th. Applications received after the priority deadline will be considered if seats are available, and will be considered in the order in which a completed application is received. Please note there may be financial aid implications for applications received after the priority deadline.

BS/MSAT Concurrent Degree Program
UCCS undergraduate students who desire entry into the MSAT should declare their major to be BS in Health Care Science: Athletic Training Preparation option. You will progress along-side a Health Care Science: Strength & Conditioning option student. Students in this option will complete all pre-requisite coursework for the MSAT as part of their Bachelor's degree requirements. While the Athletic Training Prep option is very similar to the Strength and Conditioning option, there are a few course substitutions to better prepare the student for the MSAT, yet still meet the requirements for the Strength and Conditioning program. Additionally, you can earn up to 10 dual credits that count towards both your bachelor's and master's degrees. You will graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Science: Strength and Conditioning.

  • Declare Major: BS Health Care Science: Athletic Training Prep option
  • Progress through the Athletic Training prep option following suggested course sequence.
  • Meet regularly with your academic advisor and MSAT Program Director.
  • Make formal application to the MSAT
    • Application will occur in spring prior to the fall in which you would begin the MSAT, which should be the spring of your Junior year.
    • This will also include application to the Graduate School.
  • Students who are not successful in their admission into the MSAT portion of the concurrent degree program may continue to work towards timely completion of the BS in Health Care Science: Strength & Conditioning option and, if desired, may re-apply to the MSAT at a later date.

Undergraduate Transfer Students
Students transferring to UCCS in order to complete their Bachelor's degree may be able to pursue the BS/MSAT concurrent degree plan depending upon the courses/credits being transferred. Students may refer to the Best Choices Guide, if available for their institution, to assist in making coursework decisions prior to transferring. All transfer students are encouraged to meet with a transfer advisor, as well as the MSAT Program Director, to determine the appropriate route for admission to the MSAT. Undergraduate transfer students must meet the same pre-requisite requirements for admission to the MSAT.

Admission as transfer student
Students transferring to UCCS with an Associate's Degree

  • Should determine whether or not they will be able to pursue the BS/MSAT concurrent degree.
  • Must complete Compass Curriculum transfer requirements as required by UCCS.
  • From an institution without a Best Choices Guide should meet with a transfer counselor and the MSAT program director as soon as possible prior to, or immediately after, arriving at UCCS to determine transferability of courses and an academic plan for UCCS.

Students transferring to UCCS without an Associate's Degree

  • Should determine whether or not they will be able to pursue the BS/MSAT concurrent degree.
  • Should determine if a Best Choices Guide is available for their current institution to assist with coursework decisions prior to transferring.
  • Should meet with a transfer counselor and the MSAT program director prior to, or immediately after arriving at UCCS to determine transferability of courses and an academic plan for UCCS.

MSAT Two-Year Program
Students who have already completed a Bachelor's degree and the required pre-requisites will apply directly to the MSAT program. Regardless of the Bachelor's degree major, students must meet all pre-requisites to be considered for admission. A degree in Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Science, Pre-professional, or a similar degree, will most easily meet the pre-requisite requirements.

Transfer Students from another Graduate Program

  • Graduate students desiring to transfer from another graduate program must demonstrate completion of all program pre-requisites.
  • UCCS Graduate School policy allows up to 9 credits of graduate coursework to be transferred to UCCS upon approval by the program. Please be aware, all MSAT core courses must be completed at UCCS. Approval of transfer courses must be sought prior to applying/transferring to the UCCS MSAT program.

The following pre-requisite courses apply for all students applying to the MSAT. Courses must be completed with a C- or better at the time of application OR enrolled in at the time of admission. Courses in progress during the semester of application must also be completed with a C- or better to complete the admission process. Course syllabi for courses not taken at UCCS may be required for review and approval as meeting the pre-requisites. Pre-requisites taken greater than 10 years prior to application may not be considered.*


  • General Biology II (cellular biology) (4ch)
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology I&II w/ lab (6ch minimum)
  • Exercise Physiology w/ lab (3ch)
  • Biomechanics/Kinesiology (3ch)
  • General Chemistry I&II w/lab (8ch)
  • General Physics I w/ Lab (4ch)
  • General Psychology (3ch)
  • Inferential Statistics (3ch)
  • General Nutrition (for majors) (3ch)
  • Exercise Prescription/Health Assessment (3ch) (NSCA-CPT or ACSM-CPT may be considered in place of this requirement)
  • Care and Prevention of Sport Injuries or ATRN 4000 Foundations of Athletic Training I (available online through UCCS) [*Must have been taken within 3 years of application.]


  • Essentials of Strength & Conditioning [or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)]
  • Culture & Health
  • Medical Terminology


  • UCCS Concurrent Degree Student Applicants
    • Completion of Graduate School Application
    • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • One official transcript(s)
      • from each institution other than UCCS where pre-requisite courses are being/were taken.
    • Completion of MSAT Program Application
      • Personal Information
      • Personal Statement
    • Three (3) Recommendation Forms (reference letters will not be accepted)
      • At least one from a college professor
      • At least one from an Athletic Trainer
    • Documentation of 50 hours of observation of an Athletic Trainer in practice
  • Two-Year Master's Degree Only Applicants
    • Completion of Graduate School Application
    • Submission of GRE scores
      • Recommended minimum score of 290 combined on math and verbal. Analytical writing recommended minimum score of 4. Scores must be submitted to UCCS. UCCS institution code: 4874
    • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Applicants holding a master’s degree: GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • One official transcript(s)
      • From bachelor's degree granting institution. If applicable, applicants with a graduate degree should also submit a transcript from the degree granting institution(s).
      • Additional transcripts are required from each institution where pre-requisite courses are being/were taken if not the degree granting institution(s).
    • Completion of MSAT Program Application
      • Personal Information
      • Personal Statement
    • Three (3) Recommendation Forms (reference letters will not be accepted)
      • At least one from a college professor
      • At least one from an Athletic Trainer
    • Documentation of 50 hours of observation of an Athletic Trainer in practice
    • Note: Provisional admission may be considered for certain cases when an applicant’s undergraduate degree and pre-requisite requirements do not meet admission standards; provisional admission may be considered when the applicant’s career history, advanced degrees, degree program rigor, etc. speak towards the applicant’s ability to be successful in the MSAT Program.  Provisional admission will be considered by the admission’s committee on a case by case basis, and is not a guarantee.  Any requirements specified for alleviating the provisional admission status must be completed by the end of the first semester in the program.  Provisional admission is not considered for concurrent degree students.

International Student Admissions
International students interested in applying to the MSAT program should follow the same application guidelines as all other applicants for either the concurrent or two-year route to admission.
In addition to the admissions requirements above, international applicants:

  • Must take both the TOEFL and the GRE if English is not the primary language. (TOEFL recommended score is 80);
  • Admissions interview will include a portion to assist with English proficiency evaluation; and
  • May be required to pay for the verification of accreditation of their university transcripts.

International students currently studying in the U.S. on F-1 visa and either applied for the optional practical training (OPT) or currently on OPT, please note, that UCCS encourages immediate internship placement which will meet the OPT requirement set forth by the visa regulation. Immediate internship participation will allow students to receive curriculum practical training eligibility upon receipt of approved internship/career placement. Internship opportunities should be discussed directly with the academic advisor and are not guaranteed until the applicant has been accepted by the academic program and UCCS.

Please contact the International Admissions Office for information about international student requirements at UCCS.
Susan Eldridge, MA
Graduate Recruitment Specialist
Process for Student Selection to the Program
Upon the close of the Priority Admissions deadline and receipt of completed applications, the Athletic Training Admissions Committee will conduct initial review of the applications. Applicants will be evaluated based on:

  • Undergraduate GPA
    • Cumulative
    • Prerequisite courses
  • GRE Score (2 year degree only)
  • Personal statement
  • Observation hours
  • Recommendations

Qualified applicants will be invited for an on-campus or videoconference interview with the Athletic Training Admissions Committee. These interviews will be conducted in early February.
Once feedback from all admissions committee members has been collected and interview, the program administrative team selects the top candidates and offers program admission by February 15th.

  • Students will be notified of one of four admission decisions: Full Admission, Provisional Admission (waiting completion of pre-requisites with C- or better by end of spring semester of application), Waitlisted, or Denied Admission.

**Secondary Admissions applicants will be evaluated in the same process, however, the interview will be conducted within approximately two weeks of receipt of the completed application, with notification within 7 days of interview.

After Admission
Immediately after admission, students will be required to complete the following to finalize admission to the program.

  • Submit official transcript demonstrating successful completion of any pre-requisites in progress at time of application.
  • Complete the Health Sciences Department Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening by May 10th.
  • Provide verification of CPR/AED for the Health Care Professional
    • Students must provide documentation of current American Heart Association or American Red Cross Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider CPR with the demonstration portion taken in a classroom (not online) setting. Students are responsible for identifying training and renewal classes. If CPR certification expires during a clinical course, then it must be renewed prior to the start of the clinical course.
  • Provide proof of immunization for
    • Hepatitis B (HepB), or declination of immunization
    • Two (2) measles, mumps & rubella (MMR or MMRV) (not required for students born before January 1, 1957)
    • Tetanus and Diphtheria (TDAP) within the last 5 years.
  • Provide verification of baseline testing for mycobacterium tuberculosis infection consisting of
    • A two-step tuberculin skin test (TST), or
    • A single blood assay for mycobacterium tuberculosis (BAMT), or
    • Documentation of previous positive TST or BAMT or completed treatment for latent tuberculosis infection.
  • Provide verification of Health Insurance
  • Provide signed physical exam form after completion of physical exam by health care provider (MD, DO, PA, NP) of the applicant's choice. The exam needs to attest to the applicant's ability to meet the technical standards for the program.
  • Attest the applicant meets or requires reasonable accommodation of the technical standards established by the MSAT and UCCS Disability Services.

Admission Grievance:
If an applicant feels that the evaluation process of admission to the MSAT has been unfair, they can appeal following these steps.

  • The applicant is responsible to file a written (email) appeal within 15 University working days of the email notification of the admission decision to the MSAT Program Director. After 15 working days, the applicant relinquishes the right to grieve the decision. The MSAT Program Director will forward the appeal to the MSAT Admission Committee.
    • If a resolution is agreed upon by the applicant and the MSAT Admission Committee, then a written summary of the resolution shall be created and signed by both parties (this may be done electronically) no later than 7 University working days after the resolution. A copy of the resolution will be kept in the applicant’s admission file. (If a member of the MSAT Admission Committee is unavailable to meet regarding the grievance, the remaining committee members will make the decision.)
  • If the issue remains unresolved, the applicant may bring their grievance within 10 University working days from the date resolution is deemed unresolvable to the Department Chair who will make the final decision on behalf of the MSAT program. A written summary of the final decision shall be signed (this may be done electronically) by the Chair and forwarded to the MSAT Program Director, no later than 7 University working days from receipt of the grievance. If the Department Chair is unavailable, the MSAT Program Director will forward the grievance to the College Dean. This decision is the final decision on admission.


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