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About Us

History of Athletic Training Education at UCCS
Athletic training education began at UCCS in 2006, with the introduction of the post-professional Master's of Sciences in Sports Medicine (MSc-SM) program which was open to both athletic training and non-athletic training prepared students. In 2008, the MSc-SM program underwent a revision to more clearly define the program with two tracks in post-professional Athletic Training and Strength & Conditioning. The revision strengthened both the ability to deepen the athletic training content, as well as integrate the athletic training students with the strength & conditioning students preparing professionals for enhanced interdisciplinary practice as well as improved clinical skills. Students in the MSc-SM Athletic Training track have provided athletic training services to UCCS Athletics, as well as a variety of area high schools and colleges and club sports teams through graduate assistantships while enrolled in the program.  

In 2015, with the decision by the accrediting body to transition to the Master's degree level for entry into the athletic training profession, UCCS demonstrated its commitment to athletic training through the approval of the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT), which will be a professional Master's degree program aimed at preparing high quality students for the national board exam in athletic training. The current MSc-SM Athletic Training track will phase out with the introduction of the new MSAT. This transition will allow UCCS to continue to provide athletic training into the future.  

Program Mission
The mission of the UCCS Master of Science in Athletic Training program is to prepare students for successful completion of the Board of Certification (BOC) for the Athletic Trainer examination, development of interprofessional collaborative practice skills and leadership abilities through exceptional, holistic, progressive coursework and clinical education experiences.  

Program Goals
The program aims to develop

  • Clinically and culturally competent entry level athletic trainers
  • Confident practitioners grounded in interprofessional evidence based practice
  • Leaders in the profession of athletic training
  • Graduates who are successful on the Board of Certification examination 

Program Objectives:
Through the interprofessional and integrated evidence-based athletic training curriculum, our students will:

  • Translate health care theory and research to the practice of athletic training.
  • Develop and utilize quality hands-on clinical injury diagnosis and management skills.
  • Provide culturally sensitive and holistic health care to diverse populations, including age, disability, ethnicity, and gender identity.
  • Develop critical thinking and independent decision making skills to the care of athletic related injuries and illnesses.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills for interprofessional collaborative practice.  

Program Outcomes
BOC Exam 3-year Aggregate
As a new program, we have not yet had students eligible to sit for the BOC examination. Stay tuned for future success stories.


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