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Dr. Nancy Smith, Dean

We welcome your interest in Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus. As a prospective student this web-site will guide you through your exploration of Beth-El College's programs. The educational experiences you encounter at Beth-El are planned to be enjoyable, stimulating and challenging.

As a small college with low student/faculty ratios, we offer our students the opportunity to work closely with highly-qualified faculty in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical practicum settings.

The world is changing rapidly and this change is profoundly seen in all aspects of health care. As new paradigms evolve they incorporate increased knowledge, new technology, global perspectives and a U.S. Health Care System in a state of flux. The education received at Beth-El prepares professionals to meet the challenge of the rapidly changing health care delivery system while enjoying life as productive citizens.

Students, faculty and staff all work together at Beth-El to create a campus community where excellence takes place in a climate of caring. The Carnegie Foundation, in the publication Campus Life in Search of Community, cites six principles that seem to capture the ideal community in which learning takes place. At Beth-El College we promote:

  • An educationally purposeful community, where faculty and students share academic goals and work together to strengthen teaching and learning on the campus
  • An open community, where freedom of expression is uncompromisingly protected and where civility is powerfully affirmed
  • A just community, where the sacredness of the person is honored and where diversity is aggressively pursued
  • A disciplined community, where individuals accept their obligations to the group and where well-defined governance procedures guide behavior for the common good
  • A caring community, where the well-being of each member is sensitively supported and where service to others is encouraged
  • A celebrative community, one in which the heritage of the institution is remembered and where rituals affirming both tradition and change are widely shared.

Each of you can help us to create this exciting campus community at UCCS by your expectations and your contributions.

Nancy Smith, PhD, APN, FAANP
Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences


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