There are two Balsells programs at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) College of Engineering & Applied Science. You may be a Mobility student, completing your mobility project or you may be a Graduate Fellowship student, completing the requirements for a master’s degree. For either program, students should show an interest in continuing their education at UCCS to the next degree level.

No. Applications may be made during your final undergraduate year. You need to finish your degree before enrolling at UCCS. Note: 3-year technical degrees do not qualify as undergraduate degrees for this program.

Yes. The following tests are required.

    1. GRE - General test of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). 
    2. TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). All international applicants must meet a minimum standard of English proficiency.
      • IELTS, or an International English Language Testing System score, may be substituted to demonstrate this proficiency.

These tests may be taken in Barcelona. The institution code for UCCS is 004509.

For more information:

Educational Testing Service site (for the GRE and TOEFL)

International English Language Testing System site (for the IELTS)

No. You may submit the test results and application separately. Because of the delay in releasing test results, it is highly recommended taking the tests in November so that they will arrive in time for review. Your application will not be reviewed until all application materials have been received. All materials must be received for review by March 15.

After you apply, admissions officers at UCCS will evaluate your entire application, including your grades and test scores, taking into account the grading scales at your home institution. Typical Balsells Graduate Fellows at UCCS have average undergraduate grades of 6.8-8.0 (scale with maximum of 10), TOEFL scores of 85-100 for the internet-based test (scale with maximum of 120) or 600-630 for the paper-based test (scale with maximum of 677) and quantitative GRE scores of 152-170 (new scale with 170 maximum) or 690-800 (old scale with 800 maximum).

Yes. Students must pay the application fee for their program.

Yes. There is support for seven Balsells Mobility students each year to do final-year undergraduate projects at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Students should intend to apply for the Balsells Graduate Fellowship Program.

The Balsells Mobility program lasts from three to six months, beginning in February and usually ending in May.

May – July                     Students apply to UCCS Balsells Mobility Program

July 31                           Deadline for applications

August-September       Department committees review applications

October                         Students notified of acceptance

January                         Students arrive at UCCS

February                       Students begin their mobility program

May                                Mobility projects are complete

There are currently seven Balsells Mobility Program positions for new students each year at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Yes. There is support for five Balsells Graduate Fellowships for new students each year at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Yes. A student may enroll directly in the PhD program. However, the student should obtain an MS degree on the way to the PhD degree, even if he or she has a master's degree from elsewhere. 

M.S. degrees with thesis take approximately 1.5-2 years. Ph.D. degrees require approximately 2.5-3.5 years after the M.S. degree.

The Balsells Foundation provides Graduate Fellowship support for twenty-two months. First-year students will renew in March to receive the second year of support. Additional support beyond two years is available for PhD students as research and teaching assistantships from a student’s advisor and/or department.

The Balsells Graduate Fellowship Program at UCCS is limited to students who enroll for a graduate degree in one of the following disciplines sponsored by the College of Engineering and Applied Science:  Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Acceptable undergraduate degrees in other disciplines include chemistry, mathematics, physics, or biotechnology.

July-December              Students apply to UCCS graduate school

October-November       Students take GRE & TOEFL/IELTS exams

December                      Students complete application to UCCS (deadline varies by department)

Mid-January                  Department graduate committees start reviewing applications

February/March            Admissions decisions made by UCCS. Students notified.

March                            Admitted students apply for Balsells Graduate Fellowship

April 1                           Deadline for Applications

April/May                      Balsells Graduate Fellowship decisions announced.

Late August                  Fall semester starts (or January: spring semester starts)

If you are admitted to UCCS for graduate studies, the next step is to apply for the Graduate Fellowship. Refer to the “How to Apply” section of this website for information about the Fellowship application process.

Please review the Academic Calendar. New students should plan to be on campus at least one week early for orientation.

Students seeking admission to a UCCS engineering master’s or doctoral program should apply here: here

There are five Balsells Graduate Fellowships for new students each year at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.