Table Tents


Location: 6-sided, spindle-style acrylic table tents are located in the residential dining halls—the Lodge and Roaring Fork—as well as in Cafe 65. All told, about 180 tables. 

Cost: $20 per slot (in all 180 table tents), per month (one-month minimum), plus the cost of print production--roughly $12--for non-auxiliary departments/organizations; $10 per slot, per month, plus the cost of print production for UCCS-recognized student organizations; free for Auxiliaries. No outside advertising will be permitted. Ad space is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Payment methods: We prefer you use a campus speedtype to pay for any costs associated with our advertising. However, in the case of student organizations, we have arranged for cash and check to be accepted at the UC Info Desk. You may also use a credit/debit card at the Info Desk, but an additional 3% will be added to cover transaction fees.

Frequency & Timing: Currently our table tent ads are on a 1-month rotation, beginning on (or near) the first Monday of each month. Please note, because DHS has kindly taken on the responsibility of changing out ads and are opting to wash all the table tent holders each month (apparently they get quite schmutzy!), we don't have full control of exactly when the ads will appear on tables. The calendar we try to hold to is as follows: 

April 2019 March 26 Mon, April 2 Mon, April 30
May 2019 April 23 Mon, April 30 Mon, May 28
June 2019 May 21 Mon, May 28 Mon, July 2
July 2019 June 25 Mon, July 2 Mon, July 30
August 2019 July 23 Mon, July 30 Mon, Sept 3
September 2019 Aug 27 Mon, Sept 3 Mon, Oct 1
October 2019 Sept 24 Mon, Oct 1 Mon, Oct 29
November 2019 Oct 22 Mon, Oct 29 Mon, Dec 3
December 2019 Nov 26 Mon, Dec 3 Mon, Jan 7

Table Tent Specifications

  • Dimensions: Final ads are 4" W x 6" H in a portrait orientation. The attached pdf will give specifications for the file. If you have questions, please reach out to us. 
  • Your ad must include an affiliation—we recommend your official UCCS logo (if you have one) or a club logo, etc. We also highly recommend an email address or other format of contact for those viewing your sign. These may be small and unobtrusive, but nonetheless present. 
  • Your ad must be for an event or service open to a large proportion of the UCCS population—we are here to serve the general population. If you have questions about a proposed ad, please reach out to us. Aux Services Marketing withholds the right to make final judgment calls on proposed advertising in all cases. 
  • DPI: We recommend printing at 300 dpi to ensure clear readability in the small, table tent format
  • File formats: .ai, .eps, .tif, .psd, .pdf; Save in CMYK mode only
  • Images: NO copyrighted materials
  • Printing: We strongly recommend you send the design to us. We have made arrangements with the Copy Center to have the proper paper in a size to maximize our efforts, and pay a flat fee for cutting. While you can print and cut independently, it will be more expensive. Please note, your organization will be responsible for production costs either way. The ads should be printed on recyclable, lightweight paper--no cardstock, and nothing neon. If you choose to print/cut on your own, 180 copies of the final ads must be delivered to Aux Services Marketing by the Monday before posting in the tables. If you are delivering files, you may deliver your final files on the "copies due" date listed above.  

Please reach out to either Jina Fagerburg or Holly Murdock to see about schedule availability, or fill out the Table Tent Advertising Form online.