University Center Digital signage


Cost: FREE

In the University Center, there are a total of fourlocations for digital signage.  Signs are located on the first floor (along the hallway between the Bookstore and the south entrance, and by the Info Desk) and also on the second floor (near Sanatorium Grounds Coffee Shop, and one by Berger Hall). All ads should be submitted to Auxiliary Services for approval prior to posting. Ads will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The Auxiliary Services Marketing department reserves the right to edit submitted ads. All decisions on editing and ad placement are final.

Please note: The UC digital screens are about serving the larger campus, so ads need to come from someone in the UCCS community and need to be broad enough to serve the majority of the UCCS student population.

You can submit either a still image or a video.


Photoshop or a similar design program can be used to create content.  Images must be formatted as jpg, jpeg, png, or gif files. Content created in PowerPoint is not compatible with the new system unless saved in one of the formats above. Please ensure the ad is formatted correctly. The ad image must be created in a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels - or as an 11" high by 17" wide (landscape) design. You ad must include an affiliation—we recommend your official UCCS logo (if you have one) or a club logo, etc. We also highly recommend an email address or other format of contact for those viewing your sign. 

Video Clips

Videos can be submitted as mpg, mpeg, mp4, or swf files. Please keep in mind that there will be no volume, videos with captions are acceptable. Videos may not be longer than :15 seconds in length.

Submission Process

  1. Please submit the ad to Auxiliary Services Marketing at for approval prior to submission to the UC Digital Signage
  2. Once approved, you may submit the ad in an approved file format along with the requested dates for airing of the ad.  Ads can run for a maximum of one semester on a space-available basis. 
  3. Files must be submitted at least two business days prior to the requested first date of ad posting.
  4. Late submissions will be accepted; however, we cannot guarantee the content will post immediately. 
  5. Email content for posting or questions to Holly Murdock.
  6. Eligibility to advertise and submission of an advertisement does not guarantee placement on any of the digital signs.