Commode Chronicles

Mission of the Commode Chronicles:  To raise student, staff, and faculty awareness of campus activities, programs and resources to enrich on-campus life.

Cost: FREE

Ad Specifications
Dimensions: 2.5" W x 4.5" H or 5.125" W x 1.5" H
Preferred file size: 750 x 1350 px or 1538 x 450 px
Preferred DPI: 300 dpi 
Preferred file formats: .jpg, .pdf, .psd, .ai, .pub. PLEASE NOTE: we cannot accept ads in Word format. If you've created the ad in the proper size and resolution inside of Word, please save the document as a PDF before sending over. 
Images: High resolution, NO copyrighted materials

Ad Design
You may submit your own ad or request for design assistance from Auxiliary Services Marketing. If you are requesting design assistance, please submit your materials no later than noon on the Wednesday before the submission deadline so we have plenty of time to work with you. Our design schedule is tight, so if you do not meet this deadline, you may have to forfeit your Commode Chronicles spot for that issue.

Please note: The Commode Chronicles are about serving the larger campus, so ads need to come from someone in the UCCS community and need to be broad enough to serve the majority of the UCCS student population. 

If designing an ad yourself, please see below for a list of helpful design tips specifically for Commode Chronicles. We cannot accept a submitted ad in a Word document. If you've used Word and the ad is the proper size and resolution, save the document as a pdf before sending over. 

Ad Submission
Send your ad to with the following information:

  • Contact name - the contact must be affiliated with UCCS (student, staff, faculty)
  • Contact email address
  • Your final ad OR your design request
  • Preference for regular or "box" ad

If requesting design, please also include in your submission email:

  • Text as you'd like it to appear in the ad (bullet points or one-two sentences)
  • Event name, date, location, time, if applicable
  • Contact information for your readers 

Please email all requested information by 12:00 p.m. on the submission deadline. If we do not receive your ad by the deadline, even if you reserved the space in advance, we reserve the right to replace your ad with another from the waiting list.

Helpful Design Tips:
We want you to get the biggest bang for your metaphorical buck in Commode Chronicles, so we've put together a few suggestions to help make sure your ad lands with potency, vibrancy and credibility.

  • Text. Keep it readable, and remember that more is often less. We recommend no text under 11 pts and a maximum of 20 words on your ad. Lists of dates and times, sponsors, collaborators, etc. are cumbersome and difficult to read and remember.
  • Include a "call to action." What should people do after seeing your ad? Sign up? Eat? Study? Buy a ticket? Don't make them guess, tell them exactly what you want them to do-make a clear ad that is easy for folks to understand. ·
  • Images. A picture is worth a thousand words, unless it isn't. If you don't have a good image, go big and bold with the typeface you choose. That will be more clear and impactful than using an unrelated or weak image or (shudders) clipart.
  • URLs. Short and only if necessary.
  • Contact information. You must include one method for people to contact you. So think about the best way--website, phone or email? Including all three takes up a lot of space and is difficult to remember. Social media addresses are insufficient to fulfill this requirement.
  • Department/event title. Make sure people know who you are. Using a UCCS logo for your department is fine, but it should be readable and doesn't need to include the "University of Colorado Colorado Springs" since this is an internal document.
  • Typefaces are a great way to make your ad eye-catching, but the eye is only worth catching if it can read the text. You might use a fun font for the title, but stick to a sans serif font for the rest (Helvetica Neue is the University's preferred font).
  • Color. Use it! White backgrounds and black text are for papers, not ads-Commode Chronicles ads look great with bold color. Use contrasting colors that allow text to stand out. Avoid colors that will be hard to read when printed, such as black text on a dark blue background.
  • Print a copy of your ad at the final size. Text should be easily readable from a distance of several feet.
  • CLEAN and SIMPLE is most effective.

CC Facebook Page
Sometimes, submitted ads will not be printed in the Commode Chronicles due to space limitations. When this occurs, the Auxiliary Services marketing department will individually post the ad on the UCCS Commode Chronicles Facebook page.

For ALL printed ads, a Facebook album will be created for that specific Commode Chronicles volume and each ad will be uploaded into the album for an added social media presence.

Ad Preference
There are only 14 available ad spots in the Commode Chronicles. Auxiliary departments pay for the entire publication and are guaranteed four spots in each issue. Three ads are permanently paid for by OSA/GSA, University-Wide Marketing, and Athletics. The remaining spots consist of five regular ads and two horizontal "box" ads at the bottom of the page. Although we will accommodate your preference for a regular or box ad as much as possible, the Auxiliary Services Marketing department reserves the right to place ads according to the space available.

Preference is given to events and departments who have not advertised during the current semester. Ads are accepted on a first come, first served basis. The Auxiliary Services Marketing department reserves the right to edit submitted ads. All decisions on editing and ad placement are final.

Dates/Editions and Deadlines for Fall 2018:

Please note that these are the dates we are working with, but the Commode Chronicles themselves are generously posted by a number of contacts across campus. As such, we don't have full control over when the issues are changed. If you see an out-of-date issue (or see that a particular building is perpetually lagging), please let us know so we can address it. 

 Issue #
 Start Date  End Date  Submissions Open  Submissions Close
 (at noon)
 266  4/15/19  4/28/19  4/1/19  4/10/19
 267  4/29/18  5/12/19  4/15/19  4/24/19
 268  5/13/19  5/26/19  4/29/19  5/8/19
 269  5/27/19  6/9/19   5/16/19  5/22/19
 270*  6/10/19  7/7/19  5/27/19  6/5/19
 271**  7/8/19  8/4/19   6/10/19  7/3/19
 272  8/5/19  8/25/19  7/8/19  8/1/19
 273  8/26/19  9/8/19  8/5/19  8/21/19
 274  9/9/19  9/22/19  8/26/19  9/4/19
 275  9/23/19  10/6/19  9/9/19  9/18/19
 276  10/7/19  10/20/19  9/23/19  10/2/19
 277  10/21/19  11/3/19  10/7/19  10/16/19
 278  11/4/19  11/17/19  10/21/19  10/31/19
 279***  11/18/19  12/1/19  11/4/19  11/13/19
 280  12/2/19  12/15/19  11/18/19  11/27/19
 281****  12/16/19  1/20/19  12/2/19  12/11/19

* Runs during Summer Semester A
** Runs during Summer Semester B
*** Runs during Thanksgiving Break
**** Runs during Winter Break