DJI Phantom 4 Drone

Auxiliary Services Marketing has purchased a DJI Phantom 4 drone, which is available to bolster marketing efforts of auxiliary units on campus. There are multiple ways to request drone support: 

  • If you are an auxiliary department on campus and require any marketing efforts via the drone, please reach out to our office to discuss your needs and timing. 
  • If you are a non-auxiliary department or organization and require marketing efforts via the drone, feel free to reach out to talk with us. We may be able to arrange services, but a fee will be associated. Please see the chart below for costs. 
  • For those organizations on campus with whom we've made an agreement (University Communications, Public Safety, or Facilities), the use of the drone is available at a discounted rate. OR, if you are a member of the above-named organizations and someone on your team possess a current FAA drone pilot license, the drone may be borrowed at no cost. 

General Rules of Operation

  • The person piloting the drone must have a current FAA drone piloting license. 
  • The drone can only be flown during fair weather and appropriate temperatures. 
  • Drone usage at UCCS must adhere to the campus policy located here.
  • Drone usage must receive approval for on-campus flight. The pdf version approval form can be found here and the online submission form for approval can be found here. Please be aware that this approval process takes roughly 2 weeks. 
  • Prior to flying, you must alert both dispatch centers for the helicopters at Penrose and Memorial. 
    • Thirty minutes before flying, alert the dispatch center (in Denver) for our friends at Memorial Central at 720-848-8300. 
    • Alert the dispatch center for Penrose as well at 720-321-3900. That’s the most vital call, but they’d love to hear direct from us as well at 719.571.8954, and they will ask date, time frame, AND altitude.
    • If either center alerts you to nearby traffic, defer to them. If you see a helicopter while flying, land immediately. Drones can hit rotors and destroy a helicopter (and the people onboard). 
  • Drone usage cannot endanger any campus community member at any time (i.e. cannot approach crowds, cannot fly over large groups, cannot approach vehicles or buildings too closely, etc.)
  • If borrowing or renting the drone, the Drone Rental Agreement must be completed and submitted prior to picking up the equipment. 
  • When you rent the drone, you are responsible for it's care and condition. You will be responsible for any damages outside of normal wear and tear incurred during your use, and will be responsible for paying for repairs or--in case of a total loss--replacing the drone or associated equipment.


  1/2 Day Full Day
  Auxiliary Department borrowing the drone* No cost No cost
  Auxiliary Department borrowing the drone and a pilot No cost No cost
  Non-Auxiliary Department borrowing the drone* $40 $60
  Non-Auxiliary Department borrowing the drone and a pilot $160 $300
  University Communications, Public Safety, or Facilities borrowing the drone* No cost No cost
  University Communications, Public Safety, or Facilities borrowing the drone and a pilot $120 $240

* Must have licensed pilot

Payment methods: We prefer you use a campus speedtype to pay for any costs associated with our advertising. However, in the case of student organizations, we have arranged for cash and check to be accepted at the UC Info Desk. You may also use a credit/debit card at the Info Desk, but an additional 3% will be added to cover transaction fees.