Creating Your Assessment Plan

Having an assessment plan is the foundation of an academic departments' ability to continuously evaluate student achievement in the domains that have been identified as being integral to graduating with a degree in a specific discipline.

Please print off or use the electronic copy to record the progress of your assessment plan development. This completed form will also be submitted to SAAC upon completion of your assessment plan or anytime you make changes to your assessment plan.

Assurance of Student Learning Plan Template

Please also consider referencing the SAAC Progress Report Rubric as you develop your assessment plan.


To create your assessment plan please follow these steps:

Step 1: The department should identify the individuals that will be responsible for the various components of the appropriate assessment activities.

a.     You should have a designated departmental assessment coordinator. This individual will be responsible for insuring that the departmental assessment plan is in place,

o    Reminding other faculty when to engage in assessment activities (such as administering a particular instrument or compiling data),

o    Including assessment activities and discussion in faculty meetings,

o    Completing the assessment progress report.

b.    Identify faculty that will be active on the departmental assessment team (if all of your department will be involved, please list their names and areas of responsibility/activity),

o    The expected length of service,

o    Process for team members rotating in and out,

o    Activities for team members to be responsible for (this may evolve as your assessment plan evolves).

Step 2: The department Assessment Team should meet and develop or revisit the existing student learning outcomes and come to consensus on their relevance and suitability to your discipline and the degree level. 

Please visit the student learning outcomes development page on our website for assistance:


*Please note: If the team does not include all of the departmental faculty, please plan to present the SLO's to the department for review and approval.

Step 3: Once the outcomes are in place, take time to identify activities/assignments and develop appropriate focused instruments to assist your investigation of student competencies related to each student learning outcome.

Course embedded assignments/activities may be useful to gauge student competencies related to your student learning outcomes.

Please visit the measures/instruments development page on our website for assistance identifying appropriate instruments and samples related to assignments/activities:


Step 4: Mapping

Please use the student learning outcomes and measures/instruments mapping worksheet to document the relationships between your SLO's and measures: 


Step 5: Now that you have identified your student learning outcomes and appropriate measures/instruments it is time to develop and commit to a sampling plan.

    • A sampling plan will guide you throughout your year as to the appropriate times to gather your data and will remind your departmental faculty when they are to administer the appropriate instruments and to compile and retain the data for submission to your departmental assessment coordinator.
    • Adhering to the sampling plan will insure that your data is ready for analysis and interpretation at the end of the academic year.
    • Thus you can move into the upcoming academic year prepared to address any concerns demonstrated within the data early within the fall semester with the departmental faculty.

Please note: The assessment office is staffed 12 months of the year during the week. Please contact us at any time with any questions

by phone (719-255-4186) or e-mail: