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*Department or Club for which you are a CSA:

*1) I am a campus security authority and as such designated to report crimes to public safety.

*2) Which of these individuals on campus would likely be a campus security authority?

*3) If a crime is disclosed to me, I am responsible for determining whether the crime took place before reporting.

*4) When I receive a crime report I should:

*5) As a campus security authority, I only have to report crimes that involve students or staff.

*6) If I am not sure whether a crime reported to me fell within Clery-specific geography I should:

*7) What information should you obtain when a crime is reported to you so you can pass it along to Public Safety or for a confidential report, the University Counseling Center?

*8) As a CSA, if someone reports a crime to you, you must:

Thank you for your attention to this important campus safety role which you fulfill. If you have any questions about your role as a CSA, please feel free to contact the UCCS Police at 255-3111.

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