Groundbreaking First Sculpture exhibit opens at Dallas's Nasher Sculpture Center

Handaxe from West Tofts, England, knapped around a fossilized seashell

Kimbra Smith
Co-curated by UCCS Distinguished Professor Dr. Thomas Wynn, founding director of the Center for Cognitive Archaeology, the groundbreaking archaeological-artistic exhibit First Sculpture: Handaxe to Figure Stone is scheduled to open Friday, January 26 in Dallas. The exhibit includes Paleolithic stone hand tools from around the world.

From the Nasher Sculpture Center's website: First Sculpture "is the first museum exhibition to present ancient handaxes and figure evidence of the earliest forms of artistic intention, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of each stone and providing crucial historical and scientific information to give the viewer a deeper understanding of human history, as well as an enriched appreciation for humankind’s early ability to sculpt beautiful objects." The exhibit runs from January 27-April 28.