Upcoming Field Schools

ANTH 3170 & ANTH 4200

Corral Bluffs

This year's Archaeology Field School will be held at Corral Bluffs - a City of Colorado Springs Open Space property.  This property is located approximately 4 miles east of Powers Blvd., and is rich in archaeological resources.  This unique habitat of high bluffs, grassland, stream beds, and springs has drawn people for at least 5,000 years.  Though the property was purchased in 2009 by the City of Colorado Springs, it has not yet been opened to the public due to the rich archaeological and paleontological resources that must first be studied and mitigated before it is opened.  Previously documented sites include pre-contact buffalo butchering and processing activities, lithic scatters, and camp sites, as well as Historic-era ranching/cowboy activity as recent as the 1940s.  As a participant in this field school, students will help to survey for new sites, record and test excavate known sites, and add to the bigger picture of the archaeology of the greater Colorado Springs area.  The skills acquired will include introductions to survey techniques, formal site recording, mapping techniques, artifact analysis, some excavation, and more.  Because this area is not yet open to the public, students will have the opportunity to become some of the first to become familiar with one of our City's most unique properties.